From HTML to NON-GMO or what it is like having twins….


Who knew that something like that can change your life so dramatically and make you a completely different person all together…

There I was minding my own business…working away on making other companies #1 online and make them look good, building websites and doing all the internet magic you can imagine….And then this miracle happened…We got pregnant!

At first it was such a surprise even though we were completely ready for it.

As time goes by and your body changes you are getting used to it..

No one ever tells you that it is a hard labor to carry a baby, but surprise was when I actually went to my first ultrasound and we found out that we are having not only one baby but in fact two!

The happiness is not even the word to explain the emotions that I experienced at the moment.

Long story short, it has been a looooong 9 month journey indeed. By the end of the pregnancy I could barely walk or have power to get out of the house.

But it all paid off at the end after we saw our two beautiful angels. It was all forgotten, the heat of the crazy LA summer, the swollen ankles, the lost ability to work even though I was working from home. 🙂

Leave along after we brought them home, I had no time  to work or even read.

My computer felt very lonely I bet, but all of the attention goes to Dennis and Delucca.

After having twins I forgot all about writing or websites or anything that had to do with online reputation.

The only thing that matters is how to take care of them and be a good mom.

But if anyone would ask me if I would have it any other way, the answer is NO.

It is all worth it at the end 🙂

If its not good, its not the end yet…


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