Online community being managed by social control the social media agency

Social media communities aren’t built in a day and there is no future end point where brands will be “done” engaging with one. Community management requires day-to-day monitoring and development of interesting editorial and visual content across all social media channels. This content is designed to actively engage consumers for the best community experience possible. The long-term effects of this experience allow consumers to keep the conversation going and continue to grow your brand’s community. We take the time to conduct thorough research and gain clarity on your brand’s community management goals. These insights inform our process within each social channel, and provide a voice for the community.


Womans consumer experience walking through store aisle

We step into the shoes of your consumer and go through a carefully researched process to understand how they feel when they interact with your brand. By understanding your consumer’s interactions, we are able to set an authentic tone and avoid a forced tone or one that tries to trick consumers into sharing their content. That authentic tone is conveyed through content creation. Our designers and wordsmiths create high-quality micro-content that starts conversations with consumers, coupling compelling copy with visual design. We make our content social by design with serendipitous discovery in mind. It’s inspirational, unexpected and makes your consumer smile, wanting to tell their network more about what they found.


User connecting to social media manager on an ipad

We pay close attention to your brand’s @-mentions, keyword searches, hashtags, retweets, likes and comments made for shared editorial and visual content. Our team of experienced community managers works closely alongside your brand’s customer service team to respond in real-time on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Many consumers take the time to ask a question or post a glowing review. We meet those individuals effort for effort by replying directly to them. Listening closely to what your consumers are saying matters to further grow and nurture the relationship within your brand’s community. We use a variety of sharing tools to ensure that each of your brand’s social channels receives content tailored to play up to the channel’s strengths. This allows us to engage with consumers across the board and double the power of our campaigns. We also use social media listening tools to monitor conversations and utilize metrics for measurement and reporting to ensure your brand objectives are being met.


Cut-outs representing growing online community

Increasing community engagement means striving for meaning. We invest ourselves into making and building real, long-lasting relationships with consumers. By making decisions centered on bringing meaning to the community and valuing each member for their insight, consumers will recognize the value of your brand. They become loyal advocates and this builds communities, allowing consumers to connect with other fans. Sharing the same sense of emotional connection allows members to keep building the community. This type of community keeps consumers coming back to engage with your brand, increasing revenue in the long-term.


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