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Content curation is an important part of social media marketing, and blogging is also an essential component for your brand to have. It’s easy to dismiss a blog as challenging and time consuming to maintain, but it’s a powerful tool to have in your corner. Blogs allow brands to increase their visibility and create awareness and influence for their consumers. Creating a blog and posting to it on a regular basis adds value by giving the audience reading your posts a better insight into your brand’s core components.


Microphones to record brand's voice

Our social media agency studies your brand’s core values and voice in great detail in order to implement the best strategy to make sure that your blog includes key components that are reflective of your brand’s vision. Free platforms make it easy to set up a basic blog account, but provide less customization freedom. Paid platforms provide tools to block spammers, edit the template design and manage features. We’ll guide your brand step-by-step on your blogging journey to determine the purpose behind your blog and the kind of content creation that will be informative and relevant to your audience. Consistency is key. Brands that blog 15 times a month get five times more traffic than those that don’t. We ensure that all tags, URLs and meta descriptions are optimized for relevancy. By conducting thorough research, we decide what days and times to post high-quality articles to attract the widest readership traffic. Compelling visual design boosts the engagement of your brand’s blog post. Our team of experienced designers uses the highest-quality suitable imagery to accompany your brand’s post and elevate your message. We further enhance those images by adding text including the blog post title and URL for optimal effect when shared, tweeted or pinned. Most importantly, we incorporate SEO strategy within each blog’s copy, headline and photos to optimize each one for success.


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Active blogs report 97% more leads than inactive blogs. Our social strategists sift through proven data to identify SEO friendly keywords and phrases that consumers searching for these terms will find in your brand’s postings. The sooner these terms and phrases appear in the post, the faster search engines like Google are alerted to provide the results to users, increasing your brand’s site ranking. To further drive visibility and traffic to your site, we add social share buttons with each post to enable easy sharing and use measurement and reporting metrics to determine what type of content is viewed and shared the most.


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Blogging on a regular basis, writing on topical and informative subjects and commenting on other influential blogs further boosts your brand as a credible expert. We coordinate interviews with other experts in your niche on your brand’s blog, increasing your referral traffic and organic inbound links. The blogging credentials brands build up poises them for contributor and guest blogging status on relevant outside outlets. Acting as a guest blogger allows your brand to provide commentary about events and issues on a much wider platform and for a much larger audience. These platforms typically allow guest bloggers the ability to add in a backlink to their website and social media handle in the author’s bio. If a consumer reads your post and likes it, they’ll look to the bio to find and click on the links to your website and social handle. This brings in an added boost of new traffic to your brand’s site and new followers for its social media accounts.


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