Why does my business does not appear on Google Maps ?

  • Hi there,

    there could be multiple reasons, some of them are here-

    1- many times, it takes more than 3 weeks to show businesses in a Maps search and even more (could be 7-8 weeks) to show for a ‘category in location’ search.

    2- Google indexes the information in Google Places listings after a certain period of time. If you made changes in your Google Places listing, the keywords and categories you specified will not go into effect until Google indexes your listing again.

    3- Have you mentioned the street address? Is your clients’ service location open to the public during stated hours? Every Google Places listing must have a street address. If your business has no street address or if you entered a P.O. box as your street address, the listing will not show up on Google Maps or in organic search results. Once you have entered a valid street address, your business should begin to show up.

    4- Have you checked the Google Places Guidelines? It is always recommended to fill out your Google Places listing as completely and accurately as possible. Do not “keyword stuff” your listing to influence the search results. The more complete your information is, the more chances of getting better visibility on Google Places.

    You may get more info at Google help forum – https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/business

    Hope this will help.IMG_5559


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