Variation from the norm today peeps! 
*Insert exaggerated shock face’ 

I have a little review of a tool I’ve seen floating around on Instagram. 

 brushegg review 
Its called the Brush egg and I picked mine up off of Ebay for £1.39. 

Now the idea of this tool is to get down and deep on your dirty brushes so they come out of the sink so fresh and so clean.  
Shockingly, I have read online people are paying £10 for what is essentially a piece of silicone with some dots and lines. 

The egg shaped tool is available in pink or mint green, I got my grubby hands on the fuscia, natch. 

The bottom of the egg has a little section for two fingers so you can pop your egg on whilst you give your brushes a swirl. 

That sounded more graphic than I intended. 
As you can see the underside of the brush egg has small raised dots at the top and linear grooves for about two thirds of the tool. 
The little knobs *ahem* are intended for your eye brushes and for lathering up your shampoo on the brush. 
It’s the same principle as washing your hair, the better you foam up the better the result. 
The linear grooves are intended to expel all of the dirt and makeup that end up on your brushes without causing any shedding, as we all know shedding is the kiss of death to a makeup brush. 

Now I love a gimmick, I mean c’mon I own more than one selfie stick but this has got to be the most underwhelming make up tool I’ve ever bought. 
And people are raving about them! 

The brushegg does exactly what it proclaims to do but it’s just unnecessary faff. 

Firstly it might just be me but I found the whole sticking on your fingers thing restrictive and irritating. It kept slipping off, it was making my fingers sweat and I could only use one hand. 

Now when you’re holding a brush, running taps on and off, picking up shampoo and not trying to stain the sink, the last thing I need is a wart the size of an avocado stuck on the end of my hand. 
It took me far longer to clean my brushes and I’m not greatly impressed by the results. 

As you can see here, my blusher brush was looking a little bit neglected and needed some love eggs, erm sorry I means brush eggs in her life. 
Well, what a flop. Yes she is clean but a good old hand… Wash would have sorted her out. 

This isn’t even shitty secret santa worthy. The worlds just gone cray, I swear. There is absolutely no need for this product in my opinion. 

 Give it a shout, it will show you how to do it quickly, easily and cheaply. 

Save your money and buy a lottery ticket instead. 
Lots of love


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