Royal Mineral Powder

Creams, liquids, gels, stains, minerals, powders, pencils, lacquers, glosses, with so many different formulations of products on the market it can be confusing as to which one you should be using…

Foundation Powder:

A foundation powder (compact/pressed powder) basically serves the same purpose as your foundation, it is designed to be worn alone, not on top of foundation. You CAN use it to set you foundation, but I wouldn’t recommend it as it has a tendency to look unnatural and cakey. Foundation powders are best applied with standard, synthetic foundation brushes, powder brushes or sponges, it’s really entirely up to you!

Setting Powder

Loose Mineral Powder

Setting powders come in both pressed and loose formulas, these are your best option for setting your foundation in place. These are designed to be used over the top of foundation to reduce shine and help increase the longevity of your makeup. Setting powders are best applied with a powder puff (it’s old school, but it won’t disturb your foundation and take away coverage) or a large powder brush (just use patting and rolling motions to apply it) Still not sure about setting powders? Read more about them in my Back to the Basics guide.

Mineral Powder:

Royal Care Cosmetics Mineral Powders come in both foundation and setting variations. As mentioned earlier powder foundation shouldn’t be used to set your foundation and same goes for mineral foundation. Use a mineral setting powder/veil instead. Mineral powders should be used with a large, dense powder brush (or kabuki brush) and be buffed into the skin.



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