How to Delete an Account from Google Analytics

Delete an Account from Google Analytics

Have you had a blog which is no longer live but the account is still on Google Analytics? Do you want to clean up your GA account? If so, read on and learn how to do it.

Google Analytics is a free website stats program which is recommended for every blogger and website owner. It gives you great details about where your traffic is coming from and how users are interacting your website/blog.

For a long time I have created numerous blogs apart from ShoutMeLoud to try new things online, and over that time many of them have been deleted as they didn’t work out the way I had anticipated. Even though the blogs are deleted, their accounts are still in my Google Analytics which simply adds unnecessary junk to the account.

Today when I logged into my Google Analytics account, I noticed many of these domains. I considered getting rid of them, and realized that the process is easy, but not well documented online in a manner that is easy to follow.

This tutorial will help you to get rid of all Analytics accounts which are not in use any longer. Here is a the uncleaned view of my Gooogle Analytics account:

unused Google Analytics account

My goal here is to get rid of all of the properties under any account which I am no longer using. Here is the step-by-step guide to getting it done.

How to delete unused Google Analytics properties:

You can follow this guide to delete a Google Analytics account or a property under any account. Remember, you can have any number of accounts under your Google Analytics, and every account can have any number of properties.

To get started with this, login to your Google Analytics account and click on Admin at the top:

Google analytics admin guide

Referring to the above image:

  1. To access the Admin panel in Google Analytics
  2. To navigate between different accounts
  3. To navigate between different properties under your accounts

If you notice at the bottom of #2, you see an option called “Trash Can”. You can use this to restore any deleted Google Analytics properties.

In my case, the goal is to get rid of a few properties (domains) which are under an account called ShoutDreams blog network.

Google analytics property settings

Click on Property Settings under the property you want to delete.

Note: Property Settings is an important part of your web analytics, as you can enable demographics and interest features as well as a few other important settings.

delete analytics acocunt

At the top right you will see the option to delete an account (click on “move to trash can”), and after a confirmation you will be able to delete your account.

delete website from Google Analytics

When you delete an account or property from Google Analytics, you will be able to restore it within 35 days from the date of the deletion. This is useful for any user who has accidentally deleted his account.

restore deleted Google analytics account


Pretty easy, isn’t it?

This trick is useful for any webmaster like myself who may be using Google Analytics to manage his web analytics. If you haven’t integrated Google Analytics into your blog yet, I suggest that you follow these guides and do so right away. In the long run, it will benefit you greatly. I have also listed a few Google Analytics tutorials which will help any beginner or intermediate user to get more accomplished with Google Analytics.


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