How To Get Instagram Famous In 1 Simple List

  1. Choose an instantly appealing Instagram name.
  2. Write a meaningful bio that would make people want to follow you.
  3. Upload a creative selfie for your profile photo people can get to know you.
  4. Study the best Instagram accounts to see what people like.
  5. Don’t post random images—pick a theme (probably centered around a passion of yours).
  6. Post only GREAT pictures (learn how to take better pictures).
  7. Some photos are good but not great—never post a mediocre photo.
  8. To get started, have at least 15-20 amazing photos before “promoting” yourself.
  9. Edit your pics—but not with Instagram’s built-in options. Try these apps.
  10. Add interesting, informative captions.
  11. Don’t be too repetitive—mix it up (within your theme).
  12. Beachreflection and sunset photos tend to do very well.
  13. Have a solid posting routine: daily, weekly, etc.
  14. Don’t overpost; once every six hours should be your limit.
  15. Make your hashtags #unique and #creative.
  16. Don’t look desperate by using too many hashtags.
  17. Use your photos to tell a story; people love narrative.
  18. Help people learn something through your photography.
  19. Tap into previously used hashtags for places and objects you’ve photographed.
  20. Take creative selfies with blue, green and beige tones—avoid selfies with warm tones.
  21. Let your friends and followers on other social networks know you’re on Insta.
  22. Cross-promote your Insta pics to your other social profiles.
  23. Follow the followers of people with similar photos to yours.
  24. Comment—a lot—on other people’s profiles who post similar pictures.
  25. Show appreciation by responding to your audience.
  26. If someone gives you a compliment, say thank you as often as possible.
  27. Join Instagram contests/projects.
  28. Follow Instagram’s official blog for great tips and ideas.
  29. Make sure your Instagram profile is public. DUH!
  30. Don’t ever pay for followers. Believe in yourself. If you make it, it’ll be because you’re authentic.
  31. Do everything you can to get featured by Instagram. You need to tap into established audiences to go really big.

Did we miss anything? Add your comments below.


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