REVIEW: Royal Care Cosmetics BRUSH TREES

 To say I was intrigued would be a huge understatement, I decided right then and there that this was something that I was going to get. I mean, I’m an avid brush collector and lover, it only makes sense that I would invest in brush care items, right? Well our “anniversary” rolled around a while ago and Morgan finally found a belated gift for me earlier this month. I was thrilled! (Good job, boyfriend. Good job.) I was pretty excited to use these trees because brush drying is serious business. You don’t want water draining into the ferrule of the brushes and this has led to people coming up with some interesting contraptions to dry their brushes- often times rubber bands, hangers, etc are used. I usually lay my brushes downward on a wedge folded towel but that can take up a ton of space.

orange glove black tree
rccosmetics tree
I actually found that I could stack the smaller tree on top of the larger one. It’d be neat if there were grooves on the bigger tree so that it could be done intentionally, even more space saving!

I was talking to a few friends about this and while a lot of them expressed interest in having such a product, their number one worry was that they only had a few brushes and didn’t think that buying either the large tree or the small tree (or both) would be worth it. I bet that if there was a single large tree that had large, medium and small holes it would be a product that people with smaller (read: those with more reason than I) brush stashes would appreciate.

Personally, I really like these RC Cosmetics Trees, they have really sped up my brush drying time. I found that sticking my brushes in the trees then placing them by an open window or in front of a tower fan can reduce the time it takes them to be completely dry down to a couple hours, even 30 minutes for eye brushes. I think makeup artists in particular, with a ton of brushes will find these trees to be dead useful.

What do you think about this neat RC Cosmetics Tree? Do you think it is useful or more of a novelty item?

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