13 Things All Work-From-Home Workaholics Understand

It’s true that working from home is a dream. What people never tell you though, is that when you’re passionate about what you do and you do it from the comfort of your own domicile, things can get a little interesting — and boundaries can get a little blurred. Here are 13 things that every work-from-home workaholic goes through on a regular basis.

  1. The satisfaction of ending a grueling work session at 6–a.m.


    …And then the subsequent 9 a.m. call from your mom pseudo-apologizing for waking you up. She knows how you like to “sleep in.”

  2. Calling your pet your “co-worker”


    Honestly, their productivity is horrible, but their can-do attitude makes up for it.

  3. And getting as excited as them when the mail man comes


    An outsider!

  4. Getting half-dressed for a video call


    Business on the top, party on the bottom, baby!

  5. …But not at all dressed to go to the store


    Pajama bottoms do too go with a sparkly tank top, and it’s time this cashier realized that.

  6. The joy that comes with being super productive from the comfort of your bed


    …And the irony of being on a stressful call while surrounded in blankets and pillows.

  7. Being able to run errands at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday


    Lines and crowded parking lots are for suckers!

  8. Having to work at 3 a.m on a Saturday


    You’ll actually relax and enjoy a weekend. One of these decades.

  9. Drinking an entire pot of coffee to yourself on a daily basis


    This anxious pacing isn’t going to do itself!

  10. The torture of having a full DVR right there… and zero time to watch any of it


    Not to mention the piles of books you desperately wish you had time to start.

  11. Remembering why you don’t work in coffee shops more often


    Turns out, people get creeped out by a stranger visibly pulling out their hair while they try to eat their sandwich.

  12. What people think your life is


  13. What it actually is


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