How to Apply Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Tips 2015

Women often face various kinds of problems while handling cosmetics. This is because of the unawareness among them about the proper application for the product. One of the common place problems that is faced is the difficulty in applying eyeliners, especially liquid eye liner. Pencil eye liners are usually easy to apply because you have a better hold of the pencil than the liquid brush. However, it is not at all a taboo thing. You just need to know about some simple steps, and you are good to go.

The first rule to apply the liner is to wash your hands properly. Wash your eyes and apply foundations on your face and eye shade, etc. prior to an eye liner. While applying liquid eye liner, you need to be very careful because it is hard to smudge the liquid eye liner like pencil eye liner. Liquid eye liner is basically supposed to give sharp look and to enhance the look with your eyes.

How to Apply Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Tips 2014

To start with, stand in front of the mirror with chin up. Remember, you require patience in applying the eye liner. There is absolutely no need for you to hurry. You have to practice applying liquid eye liner because one of the most common problems is that women lack practice and hence, a steady hand while applying eye liner. The result is broken, wavy application. To solve this problem practice it with the help of any support for your elbow

Another way to avoid the wavy application is to first apply dots near your eye lashes and then join them. Avoid applying the eye liner in a single stroke. Apply eye liner like you are painting from a brush stroke. Moreover, if you are applying liquid eye liner, then there are two kinds of the eye liner in the market. The other type is similar to a market tip. It is the best substitute for the pencil eye liner and as well as a liquid brush eye liner.

How to Apply Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Tips 2014

There is no hard and fat rule, whether you should start from the outer end or the inner end. Whichever way you find to be easy, just go for it. When you are done with the eye liner at the upper portion, draw a very minute line at the lower lash. Join the upper and the lower eye liner at the outer end of your eye to give your eye a defined look. Add tails according to your own will.


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