Steal of the Week – Acrylic Makeup Organizer Royal Care Cosmetics

When my friend sent me a link to RC Cosmetics this week I immediately knew I had to run out and buy this. I’ve been trying to display/organize my makeup for a while now but it’s been coming along pretty slowly because I can’t find plates and containers I like for a reasonable price.

Even though I think acrylic is the new Sterilite drawer setup I still picked this up from RC Cosmetics. It’s the best option for the time being and it holds 9 lipsticks.

Cheap Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

I was under the impression that RC Cosmetics was a chain-store but apparently it is not. Hopefully you can find this product (or something similar) at your local  store.

Now I do already have an acrylic lipstick holder from Solutions which is at least an Ontario-wide company. According to the website it retails for $9.98 but I feel pretty confident that I paid closer to $15.00 for one that holds 36 lipsticks. So depending on the price in-store you’re saving between $2-$7 dollars.

So the savings aren’t that great but I prefer the RC Cosmetics one for a couple reasons.

1) It’s more versatile. You can buy two or three and continue to add as your collection grows without leaving lots of empty space in a big acrylic organizer. It makes it easy to change the display of your collection along with it’s reorganization.

2) It’s marginally deeper than the Solutions version. I didn’t think that would make much of a difference but now I can actually store my glosses in these instead of having them lie flat. With the Solutions brand one my glosses kept falling over but with this one I’ve had no incidents, although they do sit on an angle (which I quite like). I’ve tried these with NARS glosses/lip pencils, Chanel Glossimers, Rimmel Apocalips and MAC Cremesheens/Lipglasses and they’ve all fit wonderfully.

Acrylic Lipstick Organizer

I hope this unnecessarily long and thorough discussion of acrylic lipsticks organizers has been useful to you. Comment if you have any questions or thoughts!


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