Home Moving Tips: Moving your Pets Safely


Moving is stressful for everyone, including the family pet, but it shouldn’t be. Not with HALOAD.com To make the transition to your new home as smooth as possible, we’ve put together some helpful tips for moving your pet. Make sure your pet or pets have securely attached ID collars with their name and your new home contact information. To avoid unnecessary stress – if your new home is a short distance away, consider asking a friend or relative to watch your pets for the day. Changing homes can be upsetting, and keeping them away from the action will alleviate some of that stress, as well as prevent them from getting underfoot. Some other things to consider when moving a pet:

  1. Air Travel: To prepare a pet for flight, visit a veterinarian for inoculations and any medication your animal may need. It may be wise to request a mild sedative to lessen the stress of travel for your pet. Check with your airline for any additional instructions or recommendations. Some airlines may require a health certificate from a licensed vet issued within 10 days of travel. If flying, choose a nonstop flight, if possible, to avoid excess handling as well as climate and air-pressure changes.
  2. Road trips: Traveling long distances with animals by car can be difficult; many get carsick, and accommodations must be planned in advance to guarantee that pets will be welcome. Make frequent stops on the way so your pet can drink, eat, and stretch. Dramamine can help pets that tend to get carsick – check with your vet for proper dosages.
  3. Licensing. Check licensing laws for your destination before departing, and secure copies of medical records and any necessary health certificates from your veterinarian.
  4. Birds and caged pets are susceptible to drafts and changes in temperature, and should therefore travel with a black cloth draped over their cages.

Once settled, allow your pet to explore your new home; if she seems upset, confine her to one room, and keep food, water, a favorite bed, and a toy (and/or a litter box) there for a day or two.


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