CONTOURING 101: How to Contour

RC Cosmetics
RC Cosmetics

Contouring and highlighting is an old Hollywood secret that was once used only by top makeup artist on their celebrity clients. Now, the secret has gained popularity with the masses and every makeup loving woman/man uses this technique to create a perfect chiseled face.

(L) Contour       (R) Highlights


STEP 1: When I decide to contour/highlight my face I ensure I have a clean well moisturized face, then I apply my primer which helps to keep my makeup the same throughout the day. I then apply foundation that matches my face.

STEP 2: depending on which you want to start with (I usually start with my highlights), take a lighter color of (concealer/foundation) and apply it at the top of your cheek bones, under your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, on my jawline and in an upside down triangle on your forehead and I blend it in thoroughly with a beauty blender.

STEP 3: I take a setting powder (I use the Ben Nye luxury powder in fair) and layer it under my eyes and on my jawline and leave it to settle in . You’ll notice that there will be excess powder don’t worry you’ll dust it off after it has set in properly.

STEP 4: To contour your face, take a darker shade of foundation/concealer (preferably a shade or two darker than your natural shade) and apply it to the hollows of your cheekbones, down the two side of your nose and around your hair line. Then blend in your contour section by section just as you did your highlights. I use a small blending brush for the two sides of my nose, an angled kabuki brush for my cheekbones and my hairline.

STEP 5:  once you are done blending in every part section by section and at the edges so it looks smooth and flawless, apply finishing powder or your basic powder with a large powder brush to remove all the excess shine.

STEP 6: I use a fanned brush to dust a little shimmery highlighter down the bridge of my nose all the way down to my chin and also directly on top of my cheekbones.

Easy right?

Tricks of the trade: pay particular attention to your nose so you don’t get two singular lines on each side “not a good look”.

As with everything do not over do it unless that is the specific look you are going for. Start small and build up.


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