5 Questions to Ask Before Posting on Linked-in Groups

Now that you have joined a bunch of groups, you can start actively engaging the group community and providing value by posting new content and commenting on other people’s content.

Before you set up your first entry to post new content take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Value should always be first on your mind when leveraging LinkedIn. What are you contributing, and how does it add value? Is it relevant, interesting, and/or new?

  • Generally, if you find yourself promoting your own content on LinkedIn, its viewed as pushing information rather than providing value. There’s a big difference. I rant about why you shouldn’t promote your own content on LinkedIn all the time. If your promoting your own stuff, you may want to find something else.

  • It matters where you post stuff, you don’t want to be labeled a spammer or have your content deleted. Make sure you are posting properly: Links to articles, blog posts, events, news, etc belong on the promotion board. Questions and conversations posed to the group community belong on the discussion board. Job posts…you guessed it! Job posts, and announcements go on the job board.

  • How often should you post new stuff? If you are posting new content to the group more than once a day, you might be over-doing it. People can only handle so much information at one time, and you’re not the only one posting content! If you are trying to stand out in the group and really get noticed, post new content 2 – 3 times a week per group.

  • Who likes broken links, cut off sentences, and random code bits in their information? Nobody. Once you hit the “Share” button, you can’t go back and edit, so make sure to set it up right from the start!

Asking yourself these questions before sharing content with your group community will improve your ability to provide quality content that group members can find, use, and appreciate.


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