Everyday, I choose you.

Loving someone is a choice. Every single day, you choose to love your partner, respect them, remain faithful. Everyday when you do this you are actively choosing to be fully present in your relationship. That’s honorable.

But, this post isn’t really about that. This post is about cheaters. Let me explain, just like people make a choice to remain faithful, they also make a choice to cheat or to put themselves in a position to cheat. Cheating is never a mistake, it never just happens. And if , for giggles, it did “just happen” I’m sure there were several times when you could have stopped before passing go. So, when habitual cheaters claim they are reformed do we believe them ?

Will I judge you for cheating when you were young, dumb and full of cum at the ripe age of 17-20? Nope. What I am talking about is habitual cheaters. People who have everything and still cheat. People who cheat on every person they’ve committed to. I’ve dated this type of person. Not once but twice. And somehow I even convinced my self ( not once but TWICE) that I held the power to make them stop. That I would some how be different. Now at the age of …;), I know better. But what do you do if someone tells you they are reformed? Can this happen? Seriously. They may stop for a period of time, to try to prove people wrong (because they are going to want to prove people wrong), but they will get tired of keeping up that charade and then what…cheat? Have their cake and eat it, too? And I know some people may want a pat on the back because they make a conscious effort to not cheat…but aren’t you supposed to not cheat anyway when you are in a committed relationship? I’m sorry, I can’t pat you on the back for that. Because if that’s the case then maybe you shouldn’t even be in a relationship. I believe there will always be temptations but when I woke up and chose to continue loving my partner that should trump all of that. All temptation because there’s a reason I chose you to begin with and there’s a reason everyday why I continue to do so.

So, what do you think? Can habitual cheaters change , for ever? At your age , would you date someone who confessed in the past they were a habitual cheater ( giving you’re close to 30 and the habitual cheating continued past 21)?

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

With love,
Lana Lennox


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