3 Ways To Connect Pinterest With Facebook & Twitter – And Why You Need To!

3 Ways To Connect Pinterest With Facebook And Twitter

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But when it comes to Pinterest (and social media in general) there are several problems with the “build it and they will come” approach. If a tree in the middle of a thick forest is suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning and crashes to the ground without anybody around, it doesn’t make the news.

So unless you let people know about your great product, service or even that blog post you’ve spent hours crafting, it’s highly unlikely your audience will stumble across the value that you provide.

The trick to Pinterest is consistency and ensuring that whatever you pin is shared across other social media networks. This will help build brand awareness and spread the word about what you do so people are led back to your place of value.

Remember, not everyone you are targeting is on Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. And if they are, then it’s highly likely that they are using the various social networks for different purposes and at different times.

Cross-Promote on Facebook, Twitter AND Pinterest

It’s therefore essential that you connect up your social media activity and cross promote across a variety of platforms to amplify your message and increase the likelihood of your prospect finding you.

With regards to Pinterest, it’s not enough to just create your Pinterest boards and expect people to show up. You have to let your current audience across your other social media accounts know that you’re active on Pinterest.

Sites like Facebook and Twitter with their 1 billion and 500 million strong communities respectively can be very powerful sources of free traffic for your boards. Since your followers already know, like and trust you, inviting them to connect with you on Pinterest is a no-brainer. In fact, this one strategy can help you quickly build a huge following on your brand new Pinterest account.

And it goes without saying that the more followers you have, the greater the exposure for you and your business. So let’s look at 3 simple ways to introduce your friends, followers and fans to your Pinterest account.

 How To Connect Pinterest Account With Facebook

There are a couple of ways businesses can connect Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

1. Connect Your Facebook Profile With Pinterest

The easiest way to Connect Pinterest account with Facebook is to do so via the “Settings” menu which is located under the profile page on the top right-hand of your Pinterest account.  Just scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and move the slider over to the right so it is marked ON.

If you’re not already signed into your Facebook account, you will be requested to log in to Facebook to activate this feature and within seconds your Pinterest account will be connected to Facebook.

Now, every time you repin, like and comment, your activity will show up in your Facebook feed. Since you have already spent time and energy building trust with your friends, many of them will notice this and check you out on Pinterest.

Just be aware that you can only do this with your Facebook profile not your page so if you use your profile to connect with friends and family rather than for business purposes then you may want to deactivate this feature. To do this, just move the slider back to the left to OFF mode and it will turn grey.

2.    Connect Your Facebook Fan Page With Pinterest

A neat way to get around the Facebook profile issue is to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. You can automate this process by going to http://www.woobox.com/pinterest and following the simple on-screen instructions to connect up your account.

You can even select which of your boards you want to share with your Facebook community. Within a few seconds you can install the bright red Pinterest tab seamlessly onto your Facebook page and have it in full view of your Facebook fans.

By clicking on this tab, your fans can actually see your Pinterest boards without even leavingFacebook. If they try to like or comment on your pins then they are taken through to Pinterest where it’s very likely that a large percentage of them will sign up for a Pinterest account if they aren’t already a Pinterest user and follow you there.

3.    Connect Your Pinterest Account With Twitter

On the same ‘Settings’ menu that you used to connect Pinterest to your Facebook profile, you will also find a Twitter slider button. Move this to the right and it will ask you to sign into your Twitter account if you haven’t done so already.

Once you do this, your Pinterest and your Twitter account are automatically connected and each time you pin, you can choose to simultaneously post those pins to your Twitter feed. This is a great way to expose your own content to your Twitter followers and grow your Pinterest audience.

You can of course deactivate your connections to both Facebook and Twitter by simply going back to the ‘Settings’ menu and sliding the respective slider back to the left so that the button becomes grey.

This will stop your pins from appearing in your Facebook and Twitter feeds, which is particularly useful if you don’t want to swamp your Facebook or Twitter audience with notifications every time you perform an activity on Pinterest.

Here Are A Few Tips To Maximize Your Pinning

  • Actively invite your followers on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with you on Pinterest. Most people enjoy helping others so in many cases just asking people will get you the desired response.
  • Post links strategically in your status updates. This helps you direct people to a specific pin or a specific board that you are promoting. One word of warning though – don’t include a link in every pin caption. This can look overly promotional and that’s something that will turn your users off big time.
  • Highlight the unique content that you are promoting on Pinterest to your community. Your current Facebook and Twitter followers will only join you on Pinterest if they feel you are sharing additional value there. So tell them about the new information they can expect from you such as a free giveaway you’re offering just for Pinterest followers, contests, games, apps and so on to entice them onto your Pinterest page.
  • Be consistent and on-brand. Make sure that everything you do across all social media platforms, whether Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or others, is consistent. Be friendly and personable, but also mindful of representing your business in a professional way.

What questions do you have around cross-promoting your pins? Please do leave a comment, we would love to hear your views!

by Lana Lennox


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