3 Questions You Need To Answer Before You’ll Have The Life You Want

Thought Catalog

Kelly SikkemaKelly Sikkema

In life, we come across all sorts of decision points, particularly if we choose to go into business for ourselves. Should I do ______? What about ______? Is _______ a good idea? What to do in each one of those situations can be exhausting and stressful and costly. If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves in what Robert Greene calls “tactical hell” where we only see what is immediately in front of us and lose sight of any larger plan for our lives.

In building my company and in working and advising many other companies and people over the years, I’ve found that three important decisions, made early, can eliminate so much of that anguish. They can set you up to not only be successful, but put you in a position to enjoy that success. These three choices have changed my business life. But they have fulfilled…

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