How to Be Attractive to Women

1) Be Tall – Women want to look up to a man, literally and figuratively.

2) Be Rich – A rich man is equivalent to a beautiful woman. Have you ever seen a fat girl riding shotgun in a Lamborghini?

3) Be Handsome – You will find some internet sites that bewilderingly proclaim “Looks don’t matter”. We’ll call those guys virgins. Looks matter – make yourself look the best you can.

4) Be Jacked – I have seen the power of being jacked with my own two eyes. Now I’m no Zeus replica but I’m in shape and when women touch my arms and my abs the first thing they say, with huge eyes, is “Oh my God!”.

5) Be Highly Confident – You’ve seen the guy in the bar with the sideways baseball cap and the blonde on his arm just eating it up. I got some sour news for some guys: Women love the guys you call douchebags. Because they are confident enough to be a douchebag without caring what anyone else thinks.

6) Do Not Supplicate to Her – Tease her like a little sister. If you tease your little sister and don’t take her seriously she is going to look at you with you giant eyes and a huge smile. But even your little sister will shit all over you if you act in a spineless and dickless manner around her.

7) Be Sarcastically Funny but not Self-Deprecating – Women absolutely love to be teased, but they do not love when you make fun of yourself. She wants to look up to you so don’t tear yourself down, even in a joking manner.

8) Do Not Be Needy – Needy people are annoying to everyone.

9) Don’t be a Nice Guy – You don’t have to be mean or rude to women, you just don’t ever want to be thought of as a “nice guy” or a “great guy”. That conversation always starts and ends the same: “I think you’re a great guy…. and someday you’re going to meet a woman who will make you happy“.

10) Be Pre-occupied with Your Own World – Make her a part of your world. Whatever you are excited about she will genuinely become excited about as well. Do not become a part of her world – do not stay at home and watch chick flicks and TV shows about gay dancers or whatever that shit is that’s popular right now. Do your own thing and make sure it is a priority for you. If you have nothing going on then start a website and work on that.

11) Don’t be Too Available – I am not saying play some game where you don’t answer every 4th call. I am saying genuinely be too busy to take her calls or to see her sometimes. Remember, you don’t need to rush to call her back 13 seconds after she called you. It can wait as long as you need.

12) Have Excellent Style – Give her an excuse to come and talk to you. “Wow, I love your scarf / shirt / jacket whatever.”

13) Make Decisions – When she says “what do you want for dinner?” you say “Fried pork ribs“. Don’t play the “I dunno, what do you want?” game.

14) Be Aggressive in Bed – Women do not like timidity, especially in the bedroom. Be a Gentleman in public, be a caveman in private. This is also true for women: Be a lady in public and a whore in private. Here is an extra tip: Women absolutely love to be objectified. But only by winners.

15) Do Not Fall for internet Pick-Up Artist (PUA) scams – Those programs are written by societies losers for other losers. And they don’t work.

16) Do not take advice from women about how to win a woman’s heart – They will lie to your face and tell you to be nice, buy her things, bring her roses and all the other baloney they know doesn’t work. They will also lie to other women and say things like “no, you aren’t fat! You should eat more! Your haircut doesn’t make you look like a boy, it’s super cute!“.

17) Give up Masturbation and Internet Porn or Cut Down Tremendously – This will do wonders for your confidence, your energy levels, your ambition and your charisma. Read all about it here.

18) Don’t Be Scared to Say Hi – Picking up women is simply a numbers game. If you see a pretty girl on the street, and she gives you some eye contact, go ahead and say “hi”. “Hello” is a bit formal, “hi” is much better. To get over that fear of talking to women make a deal with yourself to say hi to 5 girls one day, 6 girls the next day, 7 girls the next and so on until it’s a matter of habit. Next thing you know you’re Casanova.

Pick 5-7 of the above traits and you will do ok with women.

The real deal truth is that you need to concentrate on your career (money), you need to concentrate on your physique and health, you need to take care of yourself, you need to be the master of your own domain, you need to bring her into your world and not go into her world (like watching chick flicks every Friday night), and you need to hold yourself to a masculine standard. If you do not have a pussy you do not need to be in touch with your “feminine side”. If you worship the ground she walks on, she will not respect you. If you don’t worship the ground she walks on, she will worship the ground you walk on. And everybody’s happy.

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