How to store your makeup

Makeup Organizer

We all have tons of makeup or makeup brushes that we buy and never put to use, because we don’t even know where they are….

Storing makeup and your tools in clear drawers or brush holders makes it more fun and easy to organize and have it all in one place. The Royal Care Cosmetics Makeup Organizer has two drawers on the bottom and aditional unit on the top to store your smaller makeup products as lip stick, gel eyeliners, or mascara.

It looks much cleaner and accessible, so you can see exactly what you have and where to find it when you need it.

Make sure to dry your brushes completely after you wash them to avoid the smell and the bacteria to accomulate.

Have fun with makeup! Don’t hide it 🙂

Store your makeup like a pro!

Store your makeup like a pro!
Store your makeup like a pro!

Royal Care Makeup Organizer

Two drawer makeup organizer and lipstick combo
square large makeup organizer
Royal Care Makeup Organizers

Beush and makeup storage unit

Where do you store your makeup?

  • Clear containers
  • Brush Holders
  • Makeup Belt
  • Sink drawers

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