How to dry your makeup brushes

Wash, Dry, Store…

All of us have plenty of makeup brushes. And we all know that its a huge hassle to wash, dry and organize them.

If you want your makeup brushes to last longer, make sure to dry them facing down so the water does not go inside to the base of the brush and losens up the glue. Many of us make mistakes soaking them in the sink… and sometimes forget about them. That will ruin your makeup brushes and the ferule will come right off. The right way to wash it is wet the brush, gently wash it against the brugh cleaning glove and rinse after. Repeat if necessary.

Using Royal Care Cosmetics Brush tree to dry your brushes makes it much easier.

All you have to do is insert the brush from the bottom of the tree untill its secured in place. After all the brushes are in place you can leave them untill they completely dry.

After they clean and dry just pull them up from the top portion of the tree and they are ready to use.

Makeup Brush Tree from Royal Care Cosmetics

Black Brush Tree
Black Brush Tree

Makeup Brush Tree from Royal Care Cosmetics

RC Cosmetics Brush tree
RC Cosmetics Brush tree
Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree

Brush storage and cleaning

How do you dry your makeup brushes?

  • Laying flat
  • Standing in the brush holder
  • Hanging on my brush tree

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