10 Easy Steps To Increase Blog Traffic

– be cool: to attract user’s attention, it’s important to write something unusual, something different… something that surprises the audience. If the user is astonished, there are many possibilities that he saves the link and shares it (increasing the viral effect).

– be global: web official language must be English. If you want to have a big audience, you have to write in English.

– be simple: English is understood by many users all over the world, but their languages’ knowledge are very limited. For this reason it’s important to write simple and effective concepts.

– be constant: the peculiarity of a blog is to be up-to-date. It’s important to write regularly and constantly, so you can avoid to lose user’s confidence.

– be qualitative: It’s not important to write very long posts. The importance is the quality and the message.

– be commentable: you shouldn’t undervalue the possibility to interact with the users that read your blog. It’s important that a blog stimulates to comment. You shouldn’t apply strictly censure to the posts. You should use them to create a dialogue with users. You have to listen to the advice, the praise, the critics and you have to learn to them. The users are satisfied if they notice that you are listening to them.

– be transparent: you have to share your competences, your purposes, your aims with users. You mustn’t hide your reasons. If users don’t find clearness, they can lose trust in your blog.

– be social: you should insert buttons that help users to spread the posts on the major social network (stumbleupon, del.icio.us, dig, reddit…).

– be tagged: you should add tag to your posts, so you can help the users surfing your blog and they will find easily interesting posts. If the research is easier, also the navigation will be better.

– be in beta: a blog should be always in beta version: it should be always modifiable, improvable, perfectible… so when you reach a considerable number of users, it is only the beginning… you have to continue to work and so number of users will grow.

Don’t be afraid of being judged and criticized. User’s opinion must be an instruments to improve your blog. Users love a blogger who listens to them and grows following their advice.

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