If Alcohol Labels Were Honest This Is What They’d Look Like.

For years tobacco companies have been required to label their packaging with the side effects their product causes smokers as well as those affected by second hand smoke. Alcohol companies have yet to be held to the same standards. Warning labels for the most popular drinks in a cheeky and effective way.

#1. Jägermeister: a fine line between a sexy encounter and hugging the toilet bowl


#2. Wine: classic but potent enough to induce tears and heartbreak


#3. Whiskey: often referred as ‘hot liquid trash’


#4. Tequila: often the precursor to bad decisions such as dancing on tables


#5. Malibu: so sweet, its guaranteed result in tighter fitting pants


#6. Cinnamon Whisky: If the devil had a drink of choice, this would be the winner


#7. Vodka: the universal peacemaker amongst women


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