15 Signs You Should Be A Makeup Artist

1. You stole your mom’s makeup as a kid and couldn’t wait till she’d let you buy your own.

Jesse Davis / (CC BY 2.0) / flic.kr

2. Your makeup bag includes several MacGyver-like tools.

A & M Films / learnwithcolleen.com


3. You branched out from everyday makeup ages ago, bright colors are too much fun.

4. Your eyebrow game is so strong people are afraid of you.

5. You wake up early on weekends to deep clean your makeup brushes.

Steven Depolo (CC BY 2.0) / flic.kr

6. You’ve thought about dyeing your hair so you can change color palettes.

Columbia Pictures / becuo.com

7. Your chin drops when you see someone in public with poorly matched foundation.

8. Your Instagram feed could easily double as your portfolio.

15 Signs You Should Be A Makeup Artist

christinepineiro / Via instagram.com

9. Your used makeup wipe is a piece of abstract art.

BBC Three / youtube.com / imgfeed.com

Daniel Oines (CC BY 2.0) / flic.kr

10. Your friends think you’re cheap but you’re just hoarding money for more makeup.

Touchstone / wifflegif.com

11. You consider the eyelid to be a tiny canvas with endless possibilities.

15 Signs You Should Be A Makeup Artist

h-e-r-o-i-n / Via h-e-r-o-i-n.tumblr.com

12. You know that lip art is more than just lipstick.

Totally Transparent / totallytransparent.tumblr.com

13. You have sleepless nights trying to plan out your look for the following day.

New World Pictures / pizzasplash.tumblr.com

14. You value every slightly different shade and try to use them all equally.

Jhaymesisviphotography (CC BY 2.0) / flic.kr

vidrio (CC BY-SA 2.0) / flic.kr

15. You love having ‘girl’s night’ because it means you get to do everyone’s makeup.

15 Signs You Should Be A Makeup Artist

Revolution Studios / Via gifbay.com

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