10 Weird Thoughts Girls Have After One Night Stands


Under the right circumstances one night stands can be an efficient way to have a seemingly uncomplicated good time. Casual sex can still come with some deeper feelings, which guys always assume girls are having. But in a relaxed, euphoric state after, people’s minds go to the strangest places. She’s not always just hoping you’ll call.

Girls are complicated creatures. Don’t assume her morning after thoughts are any less weird than yours.


2. “Well, at least his phone charger worked on my phone.”

3. “How cool would it be if I snuck out and left him some money on the nightstand?”

4. “Will he go Dutch on brunch?”

5. “Will he go Dutch on Plan B?”

6. “Bed bugs should totally be considered the worst STD.”

7. “Shoes? I remember having shoes.”

8. “Do his roommates think I’m cute?”

9. “When is the last time he washed these sheets?”

10. “Is that my breath or his?”

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