Five Ways Guys Show They Love You (Without Saying It)

You know hes thinking it. He curls in close on the couch one night after a romantic dinner. Youre breathless with anticipation. He leans in close and says he has something to tell you. You nod positively with that expectant look in your eyes. Its then he saysI really like you a lot. No, I mean REALLY like you.

Okay, so not exactly what you were going for, right? Simmer down! Even though those three little words might not be rolling off the tip of his tongue with the ease of, say, You look really hot in that dress, it doesnt mean hes not thinking it. Men use little signs all the time to convey their love and affection. Here are five ways you can tell that he really is into you:

1) He remembers the little things. Theyre not grand sweeping gestures of romance but sometimes its the little things that count. He recalls your favorite color is yellow, he knows that you mother cant stand curry, he can recite all the names of the crazy people you work with these are signs that hes made a real investment in his head of things that are important to you and, well, thats important to him.

2) Random acts of kindness. You know them when they happen. Your favorite flowers show up just because, he offers to walk your dog when youre working late, he picks up your favorite take-out food some rainy Tuesday night because he thought you might have a craving, he takes out the garbage after a huge dinner party without prompting. Its proof that youre on his mind quite a bit, so pay attention when these things happen and appreciate them. Most men arent hard-wired to do sweeping romantic gestures all the time and, honestly, if they happened too often, you might think it was a bit odd.

95112 1278434202 Five Ways Guys Show They Love You (Without Saying It)
He knows just how to cheer you up. Photo:

3) He shows up for the big things. The night you ask him to give up his weekly game of pick-up for an important business dinner and he does it, dinner with your parents after a long business trip, booking an airline ticket for your sisters wedding the weekend of the big game not just anybody gets these highly-coveted time slots. Just ask the 10 girls who could never get him to give up Tuesday 6 PM spinning classes for black tie functions. He doesnt do this for just anybody.

4) He makes concessions. He takes down the fraternity paddles in his apartment because you hate them, he retires the Star Wars doll collection because it irks you, and he lets you take him shopping for a better pair of jeans/sheets/pillows. Everything from reducing his weekly poker schedule to cutting down on the amount that he drinks can be a way to tell you that he really does care. Just dont be surprised when he asks for a reduction in the amount of Hello Kitty merchandise in your bedroom or questions the amount of shoes you have in your closet’ he doesnt want to feel like a total pushover and there is such a thing as compromise.

5) Actions speak louder than words. Every woman has been privy to the guy who doesnt show up on time, cancels at the last minute, forgets to call, loses your information, etc. Guys who care stick with their word and follow through pretty much every time. Everything from picking up the laundry to signing a lease on an apartment is his way of saying that hes going to be there for the big and small details. Picking up the tab is one thingpicking up after your dog and calling you from his hotel room on a long business trip are a whole other deal.

95126 1278438393 Five Ways Guys Show They Love You (Without Saying It)
A man that’ll help you with your pooch? Sold. Photo:

So, maybe he hasnt said it yet but hes broadcasting that hes in it to win it. Accept these tokens of his esteem, dont push too hard, and at some point hell vocalize what hes been showing you all along.


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