Men Enjoy Cuddling
Recently, on a popular TV reality show, the world was stunned to hear a male contestant say to another, how lonely he felt and how he missed cuddling with his friend, then having the other male reply that he would be happy to cuddle with him anytime – Bro! There has always been a long standing myth that men don’t like to cuddle, but modern research have reported than men admitted that they frequently enjoyed kissing and cuddling.

Definition of Cuddle
What is the meaning of cuddle? A dictionary defines cuddle as a close and affectionate embrace; to hold a person or thing close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth. But if a single woman is approached by a man who asks “do you want to cuddle,” what does he mean? As they say, “back in the day,” a man actually meant that he wanted sexual contact. But years have helped to evolve men’s experiences and thinking processes. Cuddling today means just that, holding the person who enjoy being with and sharing special intimate moments.

Muddling For Men
Recent studies concentrated on middle aged and older men who were married or in a committed relationship. Surprisingly to all researchers was the fact that men not only enjoyed “muddling” (male cuddling), but they liked it more than women, especially within a strong relationship scenario. A Massachusetts psychologist reported on a major news program, that touch is very important to humans and a touch, like cuddling, can be a vital emotional resource. Couples who use touch to comfort, compliment, seduce, and arouse, are ten times happier in their lives.

Post Sex Affection
In a 2013 study on coital cuddling, 90% of heterosexual men favored cuddling after lovemaking. Researchers found that men who spend more time on post sex affection, like cuddling and kissing, express their love for each other in a more satisfied environment. While women’s happiness depended more on cuddling than with men, post sex affection indirectly affects men’s happiness and it increases their sexual relationship and sexual contact. In this environment, yes men need to cuddle more than women!

Prolactin – The Sleeping Hormone
Yes, men have a reputation for falling asleep shortly after intercourse, but younger and middle aged men are guilty of this. In their defense, there is a chemical reaction in the brain which is the cause for this. As a man has an orgasm, brain chemicals are released, like the hormone prolactin. Prolactin has a strong connection to sleep and when it is released after sexual intercourse, it means sleep. Older men, 50+ have mastered how to control the sleep effect of prolactin, admitting that they need a cuddle amid their busy lifestyle and hectic work schedules.

Oxytocin – The Cuddling Hormone
Other chemical reactions that results from cuddling, is oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is released when the act of cuddling is initiated. It is actually called the “cuddling hormone,” because it makes couples feel closer and more intimate. A cuddly hug prompts the release of this hormone, which primarily affects the attraction and touch sensation between men and women, with levels spiking during orgasm. Orgasm generally produces a high level of this hormone, which accounts for the calming post-coital afterglow and the bonding that takes effect.

Cuddling Tips
If men are somewhat new to cuddling or are not sure what to do, even though they want to hold their woman in their arms – some cuddling tips can include:
• kiss her forehead
• stroke her hair
• clasp her fingers with yours
• make eye contact
• gently run your hands up and down her arms
Men, cuddling doesn’t have to be relegated to a post sex activity. Women will probably enjoy it more, if you are spontaneous in your cuddling actions. Cuddle for cuddling sake and if it leads to sex, then go ahead and get your cuddle on!

Studies Prove Men Enjoy Cuddling
A Kinsey Institute publication recently shocked the world with their study of long term relationships and its measured effect on intimate touching. Their study noted that the “correlation between cuddling frequency and overall relationship satisfaction,” was higher in men than in women. In other words, the act of cuddling contributed far more greatly to relationship happiness in men, as it did in women. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that men cuddled twice as much as women, it simply states that men “like” cuddling as much or more than women.

Cuddling has always been associated with a rewarding post-sex activity because it made us feel good and to form a closer bond with one another. It is a powerful touch that can have major mental and physical benefits. With research and studies ongoing with various aspects of sexual health, cuddling for men has nixed cultural myths. Modern men find that cuddling is rewarding when you are cradling your loved one is your arms and it is a wonderful bonding experience for both of you.


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