How to Become a Royal Care Cosmetics Representative





RC Cosmetics is a company known for its professional-quality makeup at affordable prices. It is possible to become a representative for the company, which allows you to sell its cosmetics as a freelancer. Becoming an RC Cosmetics representative is challenging, as the company is very selective in whom it chooses to employ. And once you are accepted to be a representative, you must meet sales goals in order to stay within the company’s program.


1. E-mail or contact RC Cosmetics via telephone (, telling them that you are interested in becoming a cosmetics representative. This program is not well known by most people, and RC Cosmetics does not advertise that they have such a program. RC Cosmetics will e-mail or mail you an application to start the program.


2. There are a few options. Option A will allow you to receive commission based on the NRC Cosmetics items that you sell. You will send orders that you receive from the public directly to RC Cosmetics, and you will receive a monthly payment of 30% from your sales. The membership fee for Option A is $10. Option B will allow you to purchase directly from RC Cosmetics with a 50% discount and sell them as you wish. You are able to keep all of your earnings from selling with Option B. The membership for Option B is $60, and you do not need a sales permit for this option.




3. Fill out the application and include copies of your identification card, completed W-9 form, and a copy of your sales permit if you chose Option A. Mail the application back to RC Cosmetics with a check for the particular selling option of your choice. After you are admitted into the sales representative program, you will receive an official RC Cosmetics sales representative card, an official RC Cosmetics sales catalog, a gift set and order forms.



Review all of the paperwork that comes with your kit when you obtain it in the mail. To be a successful RC Cosmetics representative, it is important to inform your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues about your new hobby. Also consider putting up fliers in your community explaining that you are an RC Cosmetics sales representative.



Stay active with your selling as an RC Cosmetics representative. This is a great way to work independently, along with building skills as a businessperson and makeup artist.


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