Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree White

black tree with bruhsesRoyal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree keeps your brushes like New.

By drying your brushes vertically and off the counter you protect their bristles and keep water from the ferrule.

Now you can dry all your brushes in one safe place!

The Royal Care Cosmetics Tree is a plastic piece that has a tray on top with holes, and two pieces that form into a stand that can be assembled in less that five minutes. It has silicone grippers that can hold brush handles of any size in place.

To assemble, take the two small pieces that come with the package and slide them together in a “X” shaped trunk of the brush tree.

For the best results please insert the brushes from below. When the brushes are completely dry pull the brushes from the top.

Royal Care Cosmetics Brush Tree makes brush cleaning easy and takes way less space on your counter.

Order Yours at

ONLY $19.95 NOW!!!


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