Self-Control – Have You Got Any?

Today I would like to talk to you about self-control and how it can be a contributing factor towards your success not just in business but in your personal relationships too.

So what is it that we can have self-control over?


Let us start with probably the most important one, our emotions. Controlling our emotions will no doubt have an affect on nearly everything else. You see, how we feel, how we perceive situations and circumstances determines how we react.

We have the power to choose if our reaction is positive or negative in any given situation or circumstance.

self-controlAnother way to look at this is to apply restriction on our emotions by being aware of our impulsive emotions, especially when under pressure having the need to think clearly and stay focused..

People who lack emotional self-control react impulsively and act defensively. They also, when faced with conflict and stress have a tendency to become angry, depressed or agitated.


Develop Emotional Self-Control
You need to develop awareness of your emotional hot buttons and triggers that can set you off, having a strategy in place for dealing with the things that push your buttons. The main thing to be aware of is your self-talk.

Desires And Goals

Having a desire to achieve a certain thing or having goals you wish to achieve is another area in which we must have self-control. If the things that we desire or the goals that we set are far out of our reach and totally unachievable then failure will ultimately lower our esteem and damage our confidence.

Self-control in these areas means having desires and goals that are within reasonable reach and attainable, giving us the drive to continue and slowly progress to greater desires and bigger goals.

Forward motion is very important here, we need the self-control to keep charging forward in the right direction to maintain progression.

When it comes to self-control it is all too easy to focus on our failures. Failures will happen because we cannot win 100% of the time.

Self-controlWhen failure happens it is important that our awareness kicks into gear to pick ourselves up and adjust our direction. Think of it like sailing a boat, when the wind changes direction we start to wander off course, all we need to do is adjust the set of the sail to get us back on course. Life is no different. You will have times when you find yourself off course. Adjust, keep your desires and goals in mind and stay in control.


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