You won’t belive it’s just makeup!

1 From Plain to Pretty


Russian makeup artist Vadim Andreev is pretty famous on the internet for his dramatic makeovers on women of all races and ages. He can be a little heavy-handed — some of the ladies end up looking a little like ladies of the night or even drag queens — but we’re sure you’ll agree that this woman looks just gorgeous. Once the makeup is on, her spotty skin is virtually undetectable. And her eyes really pop!


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


2 From Spotty to Hottie


This sweet-faced teenager shared these unedited before and after shots on imgur, saying, “Though I do enjoy makeup, I’m not ashamed of who I truly am.” But is anyone’s true self best represented by their acne? Makeup just allows this girl’s inner beauty to shine through on the outside, too.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


3 This Redhead Sizzles


What a difference makeup (and hair) can make. In the before shot, this woman’s face looks broad, her forehead is shiny, and her skin tone is uneven. In the after photo, all of these flaws are gone. And her eyes and lips just needed a little definition in order for their true beauty to be revealed. This photo was originally posted on reddit and caused a bit of a revolt among some of the male readers, who felt that it demonstrates how makeup can “trick” you. But it caused other male readers to consider whether men should start to wear makeup as a matter of course, too!


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


4 Painted On Perfection


Makeup artist Samer Khouzami performed a little magic on this girl. He showed his hand in that second photo, the “between” shot we guess you’d call it. Her eyes already look amazing with that blue shadow and heavy “cat-eye” eyeliner, but it’s the contouring that really does all the work. You can see the areas of the face he chose to highlight, and those he downplayed with a darker shade. Apparently, if you don’t like your real face, you can just paint on a new one.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


5 Wonky to Wow!


Granted, the photos were taken from slightly different angles but Charr’s features in the before photo look all wrong. Her eyes seem droopy and her whole face looks a little crooked. In the second photo, she looks like model material. False eyelashes and plenty of mascara really lift those eyes. And contouring, as well as an off-center part, makes her face seem more symmetrical.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


6 Dancing Queen


Jacee went to makeup artist Jade Marie Baird to get all glammed up for her senior prom and boy, did it work. With her pale eyes and freckled nose, Jacee looks about twelve years old in the before shot. In the after shot, she looks like a young woman on her way to college… or at least to a good party. Her glowing skin is courtesy of Chanel bronzer and Nars highlighter. A white eyeliner was used to brighten the inner corners of her eyes and her lips were perfected with a little Chanel Fantasque lipstick.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


7 Even Celebrities Need Makeup


Actress AnnaLynne McCord starred on Nip/Tuck, a show about two plastic surgeons, but we don’t think she’s ever actually had plastic surgery. Instead, she’s relied on makeup to take her from ordinary to ooh. Who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? We think it’s eyeliner. And concealer’s her second best.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


8 Big Change for the Big Day


This bride is simply glowing in the after photo. Not so much in the before. You could say her fresh face is the result of being in love or even a glass of champagne while she was sitting in the makeup chair but makeup artists Jeng and Carlan will tell you it’s their new Airbrush makeup. That, and some killer purple eyeshadow.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


9 Tomboy to Too Much!


Makeup artist Dens Congco wanted to demonstrate how to do eye makeup on those with “mono lids” — that is, eyelids that don’t have a natural crease. Agnes’s eyes really do look amazing in the after shot, if a little too dramatic for daily wear. Dens warns you don’t want to wear lashes this outrageous every day, or you’ll look like a drag queen. Okay, point taken. But we think Agnes looks like a really, really pretty drag queen.


You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


10 Drab to Delightful


Nyla Helene K is a makeup artist based in London and this is her sister Dahlia. Dahlia’s makeover is a terrific example of how your skin can be totally transformed with the right shade of makeup. None of Dahlia’s pigmentation (which you can see on her forehead in the before shot) is visible in the after shot. Her skin looks like chocolate, smooth and perfect. Dahlia’s bone structure is pretty good in the before shot but again, that between shot really allows you to see how careful contouring takes a face to the next level. And there’s nothing that shows off your true beauty like false eyelashes!

You Won't Believe It's Just Makeup!


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