Get Rid of Your Pimples

Get Rid of Your Pimples

Get Rid of Your Pimples
January 16
10:00 2014

Pimples, zits and blemishes are a nightmare to deal with. They can range from the type that is under the skin, invisible yet very painful, to the ones with open heads, waiting to bleed. It is not fun, not attractive, and can cause you to stay in a whole day, out of embarrassment. That should not be an option, but a lot of people tend to react that way. The bigger the zit, the less they want to go out. Life is meant to be lived fully, and so, we have some solutions for you. Kill that zit and go on and live your life fully! This is how you get rid of your pimples:

  • Get that ice tray out of the freezer! Put a piece of ice on your infected area, and the ice cube can melt away any raised bump or if it is a bigger type of zit, the cube can help calm the nerves in the surrounding area down. Ice does not treat the cause behind the zit, under the surface of the skin, but it does help calm it down and prevent it from growing more in size.
  • Take a lemon slice and apply it to the affected area. If you have lemon juice (pure, 100% lemon juice) then take a q-tip and apply some to the zit. The ascorbic acid in the lemon will help fight bacteria off from the surface of the skin. If your zit is open, please stay away from this solution though, as lemon is acidic and can sting you.
  • Wash your face with warm water, and treat the blemish with a dab of tea tree oil. This disinfecting agent will work against the bacteria growth.
  • Stay away from sugar, drink plenty of water, and if you can…cleanse your stomach. Your skin will start healing itself right away!
  • Try a little neosporin and toothpaste. This combo can beat certain types of pimples.
  • Grab some apple cider vinegar from the kitchen, and put some on your pimples. A soft cotton ball soaked in this vinegar will do the trick. It dries the skin out though, so use it only if you need it. And since it dries it out, you might want to use this remedy at night, so that the redness can go away over night.

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