How to Remove Acrylic Nails With Acetone?


Acrylic nails are very much in fashion these days. However, removing them may be a pain, especially if you do not take proper care of your nails. And if you are one of those people looking for help to find easy ways to remove your acrylic nails using acetone, then yes you’re at the right place!Today we are going to help you remove your acrylic nails in the easiest ways, i.e. using acetone.

Note: If you are not patient enough, then the process may damage your natural nails and your nail bed. Thus take your time and slowly proceed.

Things you would need:

Nail cutter/ nail trimmer, Acetone, hot water, cotton, tweezers and lots of patience.

how to remove acrylic nails with acetone at homeStep 1:  Using a nail trimmer/ nail cutter, trim your acrylic nails to the shortest possible length. This will reduce the removal time.

Step 2: Dip cotton ball in acetone and remove any nail polish/ topcoat/ base coat from your acrylic nails. This step will ensure that your hands do not catch any color from the nail polish once it is removed. If you dip your nails directly into acetone with the nail polish, then your hands may be slightly colored or the nail polish may stick to your hands. This step prevents any mess.

Step 3: Take a bowl filled with acetone and place it in another bowl containing hot water. This is to warm the acetone slightly.

acetone for acrylic nail removerStep 4: Dip your hands in the acetone solution. Keep your hands in the solution for 20-25 minutes or until the acrylic nails become softer.

Step 5: Take your hand out of the solution and using tweezers; gently peel off the acrylic nails. If you find that they are not getting peeled off, don’t pull. Just dip your hands in acetone for few more minutes.

how to remove acrylic nails with pure acetone
Step 6: After all the acrylic nails get peeled off; apply cuticle oil to your nails. This will ensure that your natural nails are not damaged.

remove acrylic nails with acetoneStep 7: This step is optional. If you want, you can apply a moisturizer to your hands as acetone dries out your skin.

acrylic nails removal acetoneThis is the most simplest of ways to remove acrylic nails without harming your natural ones. Post removal, make sure you regularly moisturize and hydrate your hands.


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