19 Bridal Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season

Christian weddings always tend to fascinate us with the gorgeous white gowns, colorful bridesmaid gowns, flowers, wine, and hairdo’s and a lot more…

Bridal hair styling, apart from the other bridal accessories, plays a very crucial role in the appearance of the bride. Various styles are tried before the wedding to finalize the best…. Chignons, braids curls, waves and others seem to be the trend this season.

So this winter weddings!!! Why not try these 19 beautiful hairdos’….

1. Floral Bridal Hair:

The wavy hair has been swept into side big curls that are rounded up with flower rings on the top.

floral bridal hair

Via Pinterest

2. Messy with Tiara:

This hair is left messy and done into a bun and features a Tiara.

messy with tiara

Via Pinterest

3. Boho Chic:

Hair left into soft swirls and decked up with natural flowers.

boho chic

Via Pinterest

4. Curls & Flowers:

Hair is put into a high pony with loose curls and topped with natural flowers.

curls & flowers

Via Pinterst

5. Curls in Semi Open:

Hair is done into loose curls, and then half is put into a setting and is topped with beautiful hair accessory.

curls in semi open

Via Pinterest

6. Side Curls:

Hair is done into a side swept messy stiff curls and topped with a  braid and side swept fringe.

side curls

Via Pinterest

7. Loose Curls:

Hair is let loose into soft waves and is touched with a gorgeous hair accessory.

loose curls

Via Pinterest

8. Loose hair with Flowers:

Hair is let loose into natural big waves and is decked up with a simple big white flower.

loose hair with flowers

Via Pinterest

9. Flirty Curls:

Hair is done into beautiful locks from the forehead and topped with a huge hair accessory.

flirty curls

Via Pinterest

10. Seed Pearl Tucked in Hairdo:

Hair is curled into a format that requires pearls as accessories.

seed pearl tucked in hairdo

Via Pinterest

11. Flowing Curls:

Hair is let loose in simple big curls down below with a flower tucked on, on the upper section.

flowing curls

Via Pinterest

12. Chignon Bun Updo:

Hair is gorgeously tucked into a chignon bun and decked with a big hair accessory.

chignon bun updo

Via Pinterest

13. Low Bun Chignon:

Hair is done into a simple low style chignon and teamed with elegant hair accessory.

low bun chignon

Via Pinterst

14. Loose Bun:

Hair is done into a very simple loose bun and ornamented with simple flowers.

loose bun

Via Pinterest

15. Big Bun:

After setting the hair in a sophisticated big bun, it is decked with a very simple hair comb.

big bun

Via Pinterest

16. Low Side Bun:

Hair is done into a chic low side curled bun and ornamented with a big flower like accessory.

low side bun

Via Pinterest

17. Braid in Side Bun:

Hair is braided into the side and formed into a bun, which further is adorned with big flower.

braid in side bun

Via Pinterest

18. Jewelry adorned Bun:

The hair is pulled behind in a way to form a tight bun with is further adorned with a hair comb on the side.

jewelry adorned bun

Via Pinterest

19. Thick Side Braid In Loose Mess:

Hair is done on to a side with a very thick simple braid, while the lower portion is done into a side low mess bun and is decorated with simple flower like hair clips.

thick side braid in loose mess


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