Summer Makeup Tips

When the weather heats up, there are a few changes you absolutely have to make to your makeup routine to keep looking flawless all through the summer.
    1. Switch to a Lighter Foundation: As the weather heats up, oil glands sometimes go into overdrive to combat the dryness caused by sunburns and heat. Plus all that extra sweat really doesn’t go well with a face full of heavy makeup. Try switching to a tinted moisturizer, or a light dusting of mineral makeup. Summer beauty is low key anyway!
    2. User Bolder Colors: Our favorite summer look is a natural face and eye with a pop of color on the lips. So fresh and festive!

  1. Go Easy on the Eyeliner: Unless you’re going to a formal event, heavy eyeliner in the summer can look a bit too dramatic. Lighten up the look by either wearing it only on your top lid or completely ditching it and wearing mascara alone.
  2. Add a Little Shimmer: Note that we said shimmer and not sparkle. A little shimmer on the cheekbones and decolletage can be really sexy when it catches the sunlight. Just don’t douse yourself in sequins or anything.
  3. Trade Blush for Bronzer: The summer heat and sun are likely to give you a natural blush anyway. So if you even need extra color, go for bronzer instead of blush to avoid looking too red.

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