Show Icons 2013 Hair Trends: Hair Colors and Hairstyles

2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trends, Hair Colors, and Hairstyles – What’s next?

As beauty enthusiasts in the salon industry, we thought we’d provide you with our predictions on upcoming 2013 hair trends, hairstyles, and hair colors. Enjoy, and stay tuned – we update these hair trends regularly!

2013 Hair Trend #1: Braids with a twist!

We predict an increased demand for beautiful braids- whether it’s simple or intricate, for a wedding or a walk in the park, braids will continue to be a well sought after hairstyle in 2013. Don’t think that every braid has to be perfect; in fact, we think that the idea of the ‘messy braid’ is here to stay!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #2: Pastel Fashion Hair Colors

Be on the lookout for an increased demand in fashion hair colors! This 2013 hair trend is what we would call, “unnatural,” hair colors. We are not just talking a few pieces of bright hair on the ends or face (that’s cool, too!), but look for clients asking for all over fashion colors, especially pastels! The Fashion hair color we predict to be the hottest in 2013 is PURPLE!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #3: Silver/ gray hair!

Lookout! A hair color you’ll see a lot of in 2013 is the one we’ve spent decades in the salon industry trying to cover up – GREY! Whether it’s a shimmery silver color or a matte gray, we think you’ll be surprised to see a sharp increase of young, edgy clients demanding gray! Not to mention your super gray clients may want to opt for this upcoming hair color trend, as it enhances what they already have.
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #4: Red Hair Color

This is a style we see continuing into 2013, as being a redhead certainly does turn heads! Look for all types of red hair color demands, as we see many clients asking for fashion reds, copper reds, fiery reds, and maybe a mixture of all three! Overall, we are seeing a return to vintage style and trends of the 1930s, 60s, and more as we further observe 2013 hair trends, colors, and styles.
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #5: Vintage Curls and Waves

We said previously a return to vintage hairstyles is on the way, and we meant it! This look is elegant, classic, and is making a strong trend upward. What’s even better? This look can be glammed up for a beautiful wedding hair do or made casual with a headband or scarf! And personally, we’ve been waiting for pin curls to make their comeback!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #6: Bangin’ Bangs!

Maybe your client is more on the conservative side, and isn’t ready to be completely bold in 2013 – and that’s okay, they can still try a new hair trend, like bangs! We think that the demand for bangs, both soft and edgy, will continue to be on the rise. Help your client choose the right bangs for them by taking a look at their facial features – help them decide which of their features they want to enhance, and which they wish to hide!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #7: Short, Edgy Haircuts

While there will still be plenty of ladies growing out their locks to rock those highly sought after beach waves, but we predict a sharp increase in the amount of short hairstyles present in 2013. Whether it’s a hard rocker look like, Miley Cyrus, or a softer Michelle Williams/Ann Hathaway-type look, be prepared to whip out those thinning shears! P.S. Those quiffs aren’t going anywhere!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #8: Sleek, Smooth Long Hair with Deep Side and Middle Parts

While voluptuous curls will no doubt still hold interest, we see another flashback to the late 60s, early 70s upon us! Headbands already made their comeback, of course this long hair trend look was to follow. Think long, sleek, sexy hair paired with a deep side part, middle part, or bangs!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #9: Sandy, Smokey, Mink-like Hair Shades

Ok, doll. We said it before, but we’ll say it again – Vintage hairstyles are in! This isn’t just limited to a haircut, but those soft sandy hair colors are going to be requested in your salon countless times in 2013. Get ready to break out those ashes, and gray and silver concentrate, this is a new hair trend that’ll have your clients looking like natural beauties!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #10: Obviously, Ombré!

Alright, most of us by now know of the popular hair color trend, Ombré. No matter how overdone you feel this look is, we predict it is here to stay in 2013. With so many various options out there for Ombré, this hair trend can still be fun and different!
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #11: Pompadours and Quiffs!

This unisex hairstyle will continue to be all the rage in 2013 – men and women alike will be demanding this in your salon’s chair as this is another hairstyle that will be making its comeback. Look for different hair style modifications
2013 Hair Trends

2013 Hair Trend #12: Beach Waves/Soft Waves!

Another 2013 hair trend that will remain popular from recent years are those enviable beach waves! This hairstyle works for both short and long hair. Sizes of your wave can vary from large, loose curls to tighter curls for a more polished take on the beach wave trend. In general, we are seeing an increased demand for effortlessly wavy hair, as can be seen in 2013 Hair Trend #5, with a vintage take on soft waves.
2013 Hair Trends

Stay tuned for future updates on 2013 Hair Trends!


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