RC Cosmetics Makeup Brushes = Affordable Beauty

24 pcs pink makeup brush set 1Ok, I admit I’m late to the party but….have you discovered RC Cosmetics makeup brushes yet??  I found this brushes on http://www.rc-cosmetics.com.  I am doing my best friend’s makeup for her wedding in two weeks and I want to make sure she looks flawless.  I needed to get a foundation brush and I also thought it would be a good idea to pick up some eyeshadow brushes for her eye makeup.  I have some great ones from MAC that I used for my wedding but since I use them and wouldn’t have time to clean them properly between her application and mine, it is more sanitary to get some new brushes just for her.  Since I’m mainly buying the brushes for a one-time-only affair, I’m not too worried about not getting top of the line brushes that are going to last forever.  I just need some quality brushes that will apply makeup beautifully for this occasion.

And if you are new to brushes and you want

to experiment with applying your makeup

with them, this is

the perfect way to f ind what works for you – before

investing bigger bucks in higher end products.


4 thoughts on “RC Cosmetics Makeup Brushes = Affordable Beauty

  1. I am obviously ‘late to the party’ too! I have never seen this awesome brushes at Target. Thank you for sharing, because I must go get some tomorrow! 🙂 What could be better than putting on makeup with a PINK brush!?

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