5 Totally Wearable Eye Makeup Tutorials

Here at Girls Guide To, we love trying new things with our eye makeup. It’s such an inexpensive way to mix things up. Instead of purchasing a new outfit to try a different look, just use the eye shadows and liners you already own in a fresh way. If “eyes are the windows to the soul,” you definitely want them to say something interesting!

Here are 5 new eye makeup looks to try out tonight!

A Defined Neutral Look 

This eye makeup look takes all the neutral shades you’re sure to have and simply amps up the drama. This look flatters everyone’s eye color and shape. It simply exaggerates the shape you already have, so your peepers really pop in a classic, natural way.

Learn How to Line 101

Knowing how to do a perfectly winged eyeliner look is difficult, but one of the basics. Master your technique with this handy tutorial that breaks it down, step by step. Winged eyeliner is the perfect office-friendly look, just keep the rest of your makeup simple. And, if done right, winged eyeliner will make your lashes appear fuller and more lush, which is always a bonus.

Next Level Liner

Once you’re comfortable with the basic winged eyeliner technique, take things to the next level with these looks. These liner looks channel retro and mod styles, but work perfectly today. Try a few to find out which one flatters your eyes the best.

Purples and Pinks

Sometimes a black or grey smoky eye just looks too drab and can easily be overdone. But, the above look is a perfectly light and colorful play on the traditional smoky eye. I love it! Don’t be afraid of using very “girly” makeup colors. If done right, you won’t look like you’re channeling Barbie. Purples and pinks are especially flattering on green, brown, and hazel colored eyes, but this would look fabulous on anyone, I’m sure.

Subtle Shimmer
I swear, I think glitter is just in my DNA. I can’t get enough of it; however, I know I would look ridiculous if I was sparkly everywhere all the time. So, I wear my glitter and shimmer as little accents, and this eye makeup look is perfect. You definitely wouldn’t have to save it for any special occasion other than a Friday night. Also, don’t be afraid to try different shades. A silvery shade would look super glam on someone with cool skin tones, while this gold is perfect for those with warm skin tones. So, if you’re a glitter addict like me, go ahead and represent your love by trying out this subtle shimmery look ASAP.

What do you think? Do you like trying out new things with your eye makeup? Or do you stick with the basics? Share your favorite looks in the comments below!


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