Health Threats Hiding in Your Makeup Bag




3. Harmful Ingredients
What’s even scarier than sickness-causing germs? Sickness-causing chemicals with names you can’t even pronounce. Even more scary? There’s a good chance you’re unknowingly putting them on your face every day. Time to start checking those labels!Parabens, or preservatives used to increase the life of products, are found in many cosmetics, including powder, foundation, blush, and eye pencils.

“These are ‘endocrine disruptors,’ meaning that they can wreak havoc with the hormonal system and are even being potentially linked to breast cancer tumors,” “They may be listed as methyl, butyl, ethyl, or propyl so these are all words to watch out for.”

Other dangerous ingredients? Lead is a known contaminant in hundreds of cosmetic products such as foundation, lipsticks, and nail polish. “Lead is a potent neurotoxin that can cause severe memory and behavior problems as well as hormonal disruption leading to menstrual problems,”

Some other potential hazards such as phthalates (found mostly in perfume and fragrances), sodium lauryl sulfate (found in shampoos and face washes), toluene (a solvent used in nail polishes and hair dyes), talc (an anti-caking agent found in face powder, blush, eye shadow, and deodorant that’s a known carcinogen), and propylene glycol (commonly found in shampoo, conditioner, acne treatments, moisturizer, mascara, and deodorant).

Finally, be wary of products labeled as ‘organic.’ “Just because it’s organic does not necessarily mean that it’s safe. Always check the ingredients first,”


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