Eye Make-up Brushes


1.  Precision                                 Eyeliner—Precision tip                                     allows for expert, even application.  Perfect for lining                                     eyes.                         

2.  Eyeliner—Slightly thicker                                 tip for a more dramatic line.                                  

3. Small                                 Angle Detailer—Perfect for                                     brows.  Precise angle                                     tip also allows for extra-close eyeliner application by the lash                                     line.                                    

4.  Angle                                 Detailer—Specially crafted                                     to   create perfect                                     angles.  Thin angle tip                                     will  allow extra                                     close application.                                                                           

5.  Duo                                 Small Angle Detailer / Brow—Two great brushes                                     in one.  Fill in your                                     brow with the small angle detailer then brush to perfection with the                                     brow side.  Also used                                     for separating lashes and applying mascara.                                       

6.  Mini                                 Fluff—Perfect for brow                                     highlighting and creating a dramatic smoky                                     eyeliner.                                       

7.  Small                                 Fluff—Perfect for                                     applying eye shadow to the entire eye.  Works well on the lid or crease                

8.   Medium                                 Fluff– Great for                                     packing on color to the entire eye.                                     

 9.  Large                                         Fluff—Great for                                blending eye color or applying eyeshadow                              

10.  Angle                                 Fluff– Specially                                     crafted for applying and blending eye shadow.                                     

11.  Smudger–                                 Perfect for smudging eye liner for that soft, smoky eye.                                                      

12.  Eye                                 Shader– Perfect for                                     shading or blending eye shadow and for bold color application on the                                     lid.                                       

13.  Blender–                                 Perfect for shading or blending any pressed powder of cream.                                                                 

14.  Small                                 Deluxe Shader-Soft but firm                                     bristles are perfect for powder or cream.  Great for multiple makeup                                     applications                                     

15.  Deluxe                                 Shader—Great for any                                     powder or cream application                                      

16.  Large                                 Angle Crease—Perfect for smoky                                     crease or highlighting cheek bones. Great for dusting loose powder                                     over under eye concealer.                                                                        

EYE                                             BRUSHES

                                                #1 Precision Eyeliner                                                         Brush
#2 Eyeliner Brush
#3 Small Angle Detailer

                           #4 Angle Detailer
#5 Duo Small Angle Detailer / Brow
#6 Mini Fluff Brush
#7 Small Fluff Brush
#8 Medium Fluff Brush
#9 Large Fluff Brush
#10 Angle Fluff Brush
#11 Smudger
#12 Eye Shader Brush
#13 Blender Brush
#14 Small Deluxe Shader Brush
#15 Deluxe Shader
#16 Large Angle Crease Brush


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