5 Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

5 Secrets of Professional Makeup Artists

When it comes to makeup, lets just say things get a little complicated. There are so many ways to learn how to properly apply makeup, but most of the time people like to make it sound like it’s hard to do, when really it is very simple. Here are the easiest steps and tricks to doing your make up like a pro.

The Power of Liquid Foundation

You want to use a Primer, before applying anything! It helps keep your foundation on all day, and will help create a smooth natural look. I have said this before and will say it again. Choose liquid foundation over powder. Powder doesn’t truly match your skin tone; it tends to give off that unnatural look as well. Liquid lasts longer and is matched better to your skin tone, making it more flawless and natural looking. When you apply your foundation try to cover up uneven spots, breakouts, and redness. Try to use it in areas that are only needed, not over the entire face. Top off your foundation with some a small bit of translucent powder to help gets rid of any shine. And Whaaa-laaa, you have officially learned how to properly apply foundation!

How to Create Flawless Cheekbones

There are three very important things you need know to create flawless cheekbones like a model. You need blush, matte bronzer, and a highlighter. A rosy pink blush should be placed directly on the check bone and swept outward to help them stand out. Matte bronzer is used beneath your cheekbone to help create a shadow to direct light to your cheekbones. Highlighter’s is what gives your face a fresh look. Highlighters are amazing to help highlight your bone structure, which also reflects the light.

The Big No No for Applying Eyeshadow

First things first, always remember to wear eye primer for your shadow. It will help with creasing and most importantly it will stay on longer! Never apply your shadow up to your eyebrows! You need to apply a highlighter, or a base to the bottoms of your brows to help them stand out more. Shadow should be placed in three areas, your shade lid, the contour crease, and the line around your eye (used as a liner). So no more blue eyeshadow up to your brows, we don’t want to look like clowns!

The Secret to Bigger Fuller Lashes

Here’s my little secret to making my lashes longer and fuller. Baby powder! Apply your first coat of mascara, and pour a very small amount of baby powder to the palm of your hand. Use a Q-Tip and place a small amount to the tip, and place the powder on the tips of your lashes. Then apply another coat of mascara and your will notice a difference with your lashes!

Get Rid Of Unwanted Color

For those of you who may have dark circles under your eyes, you want to make sure to use concealers that have a pinkish color to them to level out the color under your eyes. For those who have redness, you want to be using concealers or primers that have green pigments. Green Pigmented concealers and primers help disguise redness. For those of you who have blue/purple veins try using yellow concealers to help cover up the blue.


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