7 Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Quit ASAP

Our daily beauty routine probably contains a lot of habits we’ve been doing for years now. Some of which are great for us, like finally wearing sunscreen daily, while others, not so much. We’re talking about the bad behavior that you know better than to do, but just keep doing it. In the sake of hopefully, finally convincing you to give those habits up, we’ve listed some of the worst, and why you should stop. Believe us, your face will be grateful in the long run!

1. Tweezing ingrown hairs.

Impossible to just ignore, right? They are disgusting, but just begging to be removed.

Why it needs to stop: Spoiler alert: You just can’t grab that hair, no matter how possible it seems. If you tweeze them on your own you’ll likely cause an infection or scarring. Instead, exfoliate and apply an acne product containing salicylic acid.

2. Holding onto makeup for years.

You splurged on that perfect shade of red lipstick, but still only wore it a few times over the past two years. So, you keep tucked into your makeup bag and there it stays for even longer.

Why it needs to stop: Conjunctivitis is just not worth it. Eventually all the bottles, tubes, and pans of makeup become mini-petri dishes of bacteria from your fingers and makeup brushes. Plus, the ingredients will eventually begin to separate leaving the products useless. Go through your makeup asap and toss out everything past its expiration date.

3. Not regularly washing makeup brushes.

Maybe you never washed your makeup brushes as a teen and you never noticed any bad side effects.

Why it needs to stop: Bacteria and even mold will get lodged between the fibers and fester. A quick rinse with warm water and soap on a monthly basis will keep you from picking up contact dermatitis or rubbing your face with mold. Plus, it may also help clear up your skin.

4. Squeezing pores and/or popping zits.

No matter how many times someone tells you to hold off on popping a zit, when confronted with a white head or worse, a painful, swollen, under-the-skin blemish, your first instinct is, “I will not rest until every last bit of liquid is gone from this pore.”

Why it needs to stop: The relief you feel from the initial squeeze is immediately replaced with the realization that you’ve made a giant red spot that will last for days and no foundation on earth will cover. Plus, chances are you’re creating craters in your face, which will lead to possible lifetime scarring.

 5. Excessive use of Bioré strips.

These little guys are just so addictive.

Why it needs to stop: Overuse will only really further dry out your skin, which makes skin produce extra sebum. It’s a vicious cycle. Really try to keep these at a minimum.

 6. Not washing face before sleep.

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, cramming for a final, or whatever the day brings, sometimes all we want to do is crash the minute we get home.

Why it needs to stop? Pretty much every dermatologist and facialist pleads that we remove the day’s dirt and grime each night to prevent pores from getting further clogged up with dirt and oil. If a full sink-style wash is not in the cards, keep a packet of hydrating facial wipes nearby.

7. Overusing the Clarisonic skin brush.

Our logic leads us to assume that if a little bit is good, then a lot should be even better. Not so much.

Why it needs to stop: Clarisonics or any exfoliating agent should really only be used two to three times a week; otherwise, it will actually over-scrub your skin and cause dry patches.

Which of these bad beauty habits are you guilty of?


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