So…This Appears to Be the Big Hairstyle of the Moment

don’t know how you feel about cornrow braids at the moment, but if you’re not a fan you better make peace with them fast. They’re everywhere on the red carpet!

A couple weeks ago we saw some cool twists on Aussie Ruby Rose, then this week, Carmen Electra went out with braids with some beads woven in on one side of her head:


And then Ke$ha went for the exact same hairstyle last night, only sans beads.


It’s a cornrow epidemic! And it’s coming to a town near you. Well, maybe—we’ll have to see if this hair trend catches on in the real world. If so, would you be into it?


2 thoughts on “So…This Appears to Be the Big Hairstyle of the Moment

  1. Yes, let’s go with it for six months. In the early 2000s red carpet hair was only cool if it was a bit unkempt and mousy — so as not to overdo the glamour alongside a big gown. Then, in the past few years, full-on glamorous polished hair has come back. I suppose now we need something to shake and break it up a bit, without everyone having to get punk or short cuts. Little braids = a little bit rock and roll.

  2. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are loving the whole A symmetrical hair style. This is a good compromise for people who don’t feel like chopping off their hair, and want to give some edge to their look. I remember wearing similar styles a few years back, so it’s cool to see it coming back so soon…

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