How to match Eye shadow with Eye Color

Eyes are definitely the window towards the heart and soul, so locating the best eye shadow to improve as well as supplement the color of the eyes is important. Finding out how to match up eye shadow as well as the color of eyes could be relatively challenging since there are a lot of alternatives.

Eye shadow can assist increase your all-natural eye color. Particular colors enhance up your eyes. Yet, choosing the best eye shadow color for the color of eyes is much more than simply studying a listing of alternatives. You will still have to select a color which combines effectively together with your skin tone. All of us have a distinct eye color as well as skin tone. In case you have sensible skin and also blue eyes, for instance, you would like to select an eye shadow which improves both equally. Additionally you have to take into consideration what you really are putting on as well as your hair color. Someone along with olive skin, blonde hair, as well as hazel eyes will certainly select a color which improves all three.



Eye Colors

Among the first things which we recognize whenever we visit a individual are his/her eye as well as in reality, eyes are usually the main options which entice us toward a person. Even just in case of eyes, the element which first makes notice may be the color of eyes. The color of eyes is actually a polygenic feature of the person. It’s dependent on the total amount and kind of colors contained in the iris of the eyes. Within this context, 3 factors are generally regarded, particularly the melanin content in the iris pigment epithelium, the melanin content inside the iris stroma as well as the cellular density of the iris stroma. The key reason for distinction within the eye colors of an individual may be the melanin content inside the iris stroma. Continue reading to find out much more about different eye colors.

Types of Eye Colors

Provided down below is definitely facts about the most typical along with the most rarified eye colors within human beings.

Most Common Eye Colors


The eye color which can be referred to as the most typical among people is dark brown, except for nations round the Baltic Sea. It’s the results of the existence of considerable amounts of melanin (eumelanin) inside the iris stroma. Those who have extremely brownish irises may supply the physical appearance of experiencing black eyes.


Yet another typical eye color is definitely hazel. Hazel eyes are definitely the outcome of a mix of a Rayleigh scattering along with a moderate volume of melanin at the front border layer in the iris. Hazel eye color has additionally been considered the medium-color in between light brown as well as dark green. Hazel is normal among people in the USA as well as Europe, whilst unusual in African, Middle Eastern as well as Asian people.


Gray eye color is regarded as a more dark shade of blue (like blue-green). This particular eye color relates to low melanin within the iris and is also associated with short skin discoloration through the entire body (just like pale skin, light hair, etc.). Gray eyes have been discovered to show small quantities of yellow as well as brown color within the iris. European people, owned by nations just like Russia, Finland and also the Baltic States, usually have gray eyes, whilst those involved with Southeast Asia hardly ever have this particular eye color. Gray eyes may appear to alter between your tones of blue, green and grey, primarily because of the lighting modifications.


Blue eyes may be typical among individuals, particularly those delivered in Finland, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Austria, Denmark, as well as Sweden. The real reason for this particular eye color is reduced quantities of melanin inside the iris stroma. Within Central Asia as well as Middle East, blue eyes are fairly uncommon. Since the manufacturing of melanin usually improves throughout the initial few years of everyday living, the blue eyes of several children may darken as time passes.

Rarest Eye Colors

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Amber eyes can be explained as the ones which have a powerful yellowish/golden as well as russet/coppery color. The real reason for amber eyes would be the buildup of ‘lipochrome’, the yellow pigment, within the iris. It’s really a uncommon eye color and in addition referred to as ‘wolf eyes’, since amber eye color is extremely frequent in wolves.


Green eye color is considered the rarest eye color, along with just 1-2% of the world’s human population born along with green eyes. The reason behind green eye color may be the manufacturing of reasonable quantities of melanin. Individuals born in Northern Europe as well as Nordic nations (such as Iceland, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, as well as Denmark ) normally have green eyes.


Violet eyes are generally noticed in albinos. Essentially, the eyes of several albinos seem to be violet due to the combining of red as well as blue reflections. Violet eyes are generally a kind of blue eyes or even a mutation.


Red is amongst the most rarified eye color between the human population around the world. It really is mostly observed in case of albinos and is also the effect of possibly large amounts of the ‘normally scarce’ red areas within the eyes or even a tiny leak of blood in the iris.


Black is considered the rarest eye colors on the earth. The majority of people who seem to have black eyes have got, in fact, incredibly dark brown eyes that are black.

Types of Eye Shadows

If you are searching for long-lasting eye shadow or one which remains put without having covering as well as winding up someplace apart from your eye lids, there are numerous types accessible.  Listed here is a listing of Various Eye Shadows as well as their Functions:

Cream Eye Shadows- Stay put in most cases go on for several hours without removal

Pigmented Eye shadows- Focused colored and typically extremely vibrant- not for people who are scared of color; just a little goes a considerable ways.

Powder Eye Shadows-Less focused, yet provides the optimal quantity of color; Color has a tendency to diminish in a short time.

Liquid eye shadows- These are generally in liquefied type in the course of application as well as dried out to a matte finish; these are typically much better utilized by experts or even those who are professionals at implementing makeup products.

Select eye shadow in accordance with the shade of eyes

Dark eyes

Ladies along with darkish eyes, will often have darker skin color too, hence they could possibly get away with additional range then somebody along with lighter eye color, hair and skin. The shades which are usually more complimentary toward women along with darker eye colors are usually eye shadows which are reverse to the person’s eye color.

As a result, somebody along with dark eyes would certainly generally decide on a smoky grey or even dark eggplant color of eye shadow. For many of us, these may be considered a little bit severe, so there is certainly not wrong with sticking with the great ole browns as well as natural colors.

Natural colors just like browns as well as warm bronze colored eye shadows are an easy way to improve your eye color, whilst not feeling just like you are excessively made up.  They will also include a pleasant touch of color that may appear more natural.

Blue Eyes

Along with blue eyes, you need to remain a long way away from blue eye shadow. If you would like your eyes to pop and appear magical then try out putting on earth-tones, just like browns having a minor purple foundation, taupe, as well as slate colored grays. If you wish to have a very little fun outside the earth-tones, then get a nice rose shaded eye shadow. The coolness through the pink/purple eye shadow might be a very nice form a contrast in your blue eyes.

Green Eyes/Hazel Eyes

To acquire green eyes to pop, you should attempt putting on numerous purple colors. The distinction in color to the eyes is likely to make them appear much more remarkable. If you would like your eyes to face out yet appear natural, you might want to try out more comfortable mocha brown colors or even warm colors along with minor orange undertones. Simple eye shadow colors for green eyes could be earth tones along with small suggestions of gold, taupe colors, mocha browns, as well as lavender-purple shades. Since the majority green as well as hazel eye includes a number of specks, you may want to test out these types of colors so that you can discover the best one for the eyes.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes could possibly get away with putting on just about any color of eye shadow. But when you would like your eyes to pop then try out possibly green eye shadow or even pink eye shadow. Along with brown eyes, you may also utilize blue eye shadow, and when you’ve got gold specks within your eyes you might want to try out an eye shadow which has a gold shine into it. Brown eyes may even pull-off putting on brown eye shadow, yet be cautious simply because specified tones will look dull with regards to your stunning brown eyes.

Colors that work well:

Along with hazel as well as green eyes consist of brown, khaki, deep green, as well as plum. Test out various colors within these types of color families to produce looks for distinct events as well as clothes.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes are usually uncommon however they do normally appear. Blue eyes may also alter very gray occasionally. Women attempting to play to that particular uncommon color must make use of eye make-up which will highlight natural tones inside their eyes. Gray/blue eyes will appear very best in one set of colors whilst gray/green eyes will probably appear much better in something different completely. It is sometimes preferable to alter several colors to find out which ones provide the particular impact preferred.

  1. Make eyes appear full of life using a white or even light pink highlighting pencil used on the interior as well as exterior edges of the eyes. Additionally smear some of the same color just underneath the eyebrow bone. White will assist you to result in the whites of the eyes appear fresh whilst pink offers a wide-awake shine.
  2. Select eye shadow colors which aren’t dark colored for day as well as get a little more radiant during the night or even include a little bit of glitter glue or even shine in the combination to actually cause them to become pop. Use the darkest color of the shadow nearest to the eyelashes, smearing it in as closely as you possibly can to the lash line. Make use of a light shade above that, mixing it out to just about nothing in the crimp. For night time, go for much deeper, livelier colors all round, utilizing simply the exact same method.
  3. Select eyeliners within the exact same tone family since the shadow to boost the color a lot more. Consider using a much softer pencil range for day use and also reduce the liner to the very top of the eye. Get a deep liquid liner for night time as soon as the desire is for the eyes to pop along with color. Actually enjoy up the night time effect using a cat eye look which stretches both bottom and top liners just beyond the exterior corner of the eye, lifting up a little towards the brow.
  4. Select natural eyeliners at any time during the day or even night time. Exactly the same dynamics guidelines utilize as with Step three above. Neutrals consist of brown, brown/black as well as black.
  5. Enjoy up the blue colors within gray eyes along with medium to light shades of blue eye shadow for day time. Go darker as well as more vivid during the night or even include a touch of glitters or even shine just like the jewel lapis lazuli. Try out lining the eye along with navy blue or even night time blue liner.
  6. Enhance the green tones in gray eyes along with green shadow choices following a same excitement rules as with Step 5 above. Line the eye in the soft grass green for day time along with a deep forest green for night time. Make sure you include a little bit of emerald green glitters for just a quite remarkable night time effect.
  7. Try out brown shades to enhance the gray color. Select tones which vary from light cocoa, for day time, to darkest chocolate, for night time. Simply maintain the light tones for daytime and also save the deeper, wealthier tones for night time. Don’t just forget about golden metallic in vintage gold, bronze as well as copper. Mix all of them with brown shades or even put them on by themselves for night time “come hither” eyes. Select deep chocolate, brown/black, or perhaps rich metallic eyeliners for any excellent highlight.
  8. Make gray eyes smolder along with burgundy as well as purple eye shadows. These types of colors need to play in the gray in the bold, rejuvenating method. Select smoother mauve burgundy as well as light violets for day time and also conserve the deep eggplant burgundy along with plums for night time. For the jazzed up remarkable impact, try out 3 colors of the identical color. Use the deepest shade in the eyelash line, the lightest color simply just over that, and also a moderate color within the eye crimp. The vintage impact accomplished will probably be remarkable to put it mildly. Use deep burgundy and/or plum eyeliners or even stay with natural black or brown, based upon how daring a look is preferred. In either case, maintain the lines soft as well as smudged for day time as well as daring as well as catty for night time.
  9. Try out combining as well as complementing numerous colors to get a rainbow impact. That appears to be is within style for the fall of 2008 and definitely will most likely carry into winter as well as early spring of ’09.
  10. Stick to black color mascara on eyelashes which have been recently curled. Extend, thicken, or even perform a little bit of both equally to create these gray eyes unforgettable.


Steer away through greens! They will dull the gold of the eyes. Achieve rather for champagne as well as gold on pale skin, or even purple for more dark skin. For night time, consider using a Smokey eye. Classic grays appear beautiful; however, you may also perform a golden Smokey eye. It appears beautiful as well as all-natural.

Violet Eyes

Violet eyes are incredibly uncommon. Even so, they actually do often take place. Ladies who wish to play to that uncommon color ought to make use of eye shadows which will highlight the purple tones to them. Alternatively, ladies who wish to alter the color a little bluer or even gray should select distinct colors completely. Many others might have to adjust lot of different colors to find out which ones particularly provide the effect they really want for a certain occasion or even circumstance.


  1. Help make eyes appear their liveliest and a lot stunning along with best highlighting methods. Select a bright white or perhaps a soft pink highlighting pencil to use on the outside and inside edges for each eye. Smear a similar color just underneath the brow bone to provide the look of a typical eye lift and also to have the eyes appear fresh as well as dewy. White highlighter is likely to make the whites of the eyes appear fresh as well as broad conscious. Pink highlighter provides some simple, younger shine.
  2. Stay with medium to light eye shadow colors for day time. Use a moderate color of shadow color near to the eyelashes. Smear it using a cotton wool ball or even unique shadow tool. Make use of a light shade inside the same color scheme simply over that. Mix the shadow up as well as into the crimp of the eye or perhaps somewhat over it.
  3. Go the much bolder on the eyes for night time. Use a deep shade of color near the lashes using a moderate shade just over that. An alternative choice is to apply the dark shade in the lashes using a light shade within the lid along with a moderate shade within the eye crimp, combining the 3 cautiously to soften the color. Yet another preferred night time choice is the remarkable cat eye appears. This particular look stretches both bottom and top lines of the eyeliner simply beyond the exterior corner of the eye, meeting as well as raising the corner up a little towards the eyebrow. Or even select night time shadows which contain a little bit of glitter glue or even shine to get a minor additional impact as well as zest.
  4. Engage in up the purple shades in violet eyes along with different colors of purple shadow. Select medium to light shades in orchid or even lavender for day time, following a technique outlined in Step 2 over. For night time, go for wealthy, deep plum or even purple making use of the methods outlined in Step 3. Select plum, eggplant, or even purple eye liner to boost purple tones much more. Make use of a much softer, pencil range throughout the day, restricting liner to the top of the eye. Choose a deeply liquid liner during the night. To actually play up an impressive eye, select the cat eye appears.
  5. Enhance the gray shades within violet eyes with many choices in gray or even charcoal eye shadows. Stick with light gray tones for day time yet generates the heavy charcoals-almost black-for an impressive night time appearance. Match up the eye shadows along with deep charcoal or even black eye liner.
  6. Alter violet eyes blue with various colors of blue shadows. Keep away from teals or even turquoise blues and also stay with radiant, marine or even periwinkle blues, following a recommendation defined in Steps 2 and 3 over. Combine along with rich midnight or even deep blue liners or even go for eye liner in the deep plum black colored.
  7. Help make violet eyes appear simple along with soft pink and also mauve shadows throughout the day. Consider the color somewhat darker, into moderate fuschias or even dusty berries, for evening. Continue with the methods as defined in Steps 2 and 3 previously. Go for hardly there chocolate brown eyeliner throughout the day yet deepen it for night time using a deep cocoa brown.
  8. Supplement, instead of match, violet eyes along with sensitive eye shadow colors in golden brown or even soft green. Adjust various shades in the color scheme to find out which colors attain the result preferred. Still continue with the fundamental guidelines discussed in Steps 2 and 3 above. Highlight the shadows with the exact same shades of black or brown or even deep forest green eye liner.
  9. Improve violet eyes together with bright metal colors within silver, pewter, gold, bronze or copper. Whilst silver as well as pewter will certainly combine effectively to accent natural color, gold, bronze or even copper will certainly highlight as well as complement. Once again, try out numerous colors to find out which effect very best attains a specific look.
  10. Complete the eyes along with black or brown mascara used on recently curled eyelashes.

Day and night eye shadow tips.

For Day:

Easy a moderate Eye Boosters 1-Kit Shadow in your eye lid from lash lineup to eye crimp. Combine much deeper color into crimp and also somewhat over it.

For Evening:

Line eyes near to lash line using a Ideal Blend Pencil in the dark, remarkable color. Sweep a light Eye Boosters 1-Kit Shadow from base of lashes to brow bone. Use a much deeper color in eye lines as well as mix.

Tips to Choose an Eye Shadow Color

The eyes include the windows to your soul. Make sure they  come to life using a contact of shadow within the lids. Do not select a color simply because you prefer it, select colors which go effectively together with your skin tone as well as on special events you are able to suit your eye shadow together with your clothing.


  1. Look for colors which complement your skin as well as the color of eyes. Search for colors which gently contrast together with the color of the eyes – not colors which complement them specifically.
  2. Select easy, all-natural tones. In case you go for vibrant or even stylish shades, be cautious; they might appear abnormal until well balanced along with other appropriate tones, and may even get out of style as quickly as they started in.
  3. Purchase colors which mix well with each other. You would like your eyes to draw the attention, no actual marked lines brought on by your shadow.
  4. Take into account that dark colors may reduce your eyes, whilst light shades are likely to make them be noticeable.
  5. Think about soft browns as well as tans along with exotic or even pink undertones for blue eyes.
  6. Put on khaki as well as brown shades along with yellow undertones for green eyes.
  7. Highlight brownish as well as black eyes along with brown and also charcoal shadows.
  8. Test. Check out a department store’s beauty counter and also have your eyes made up by the expert. Look for color mixtures that may work with day as well as evening.

Tips & Warnings

  • A little color will go quite a distance. Start with just a little shadow, and also progressively improve it to get the quantity which highlights you the most.
  • Shadow will look lots darker in the color scheme; therefore do not let color strength prevent you from attempting a shade you prefer.
  • If you test out vibrant shadows, make use of them like a wash on the eye lids to include an indication of color.
  • Shadow might annoy the eyes, particularly if you wear contact lenses. Tap excessive powder from the applicator before using.

In Conclusion

Whenever ladies discover ways to complement eye shadow as well as eye color they’re able to highlight their own eyes simply by offering additional colors in the eyes. This can help to determine the eyes and then make them be noticeable in the delicate method. Eye shadows may be used to include a remarkable effect on the eyes; also it can also be employed to offer them sufficient color to assist them to stand out. There are various types of eye shadows, through creams, to liquids to powders as well as extremely pigmented kinds. As a result, it really is your decision to select the form which is best for you. Numerous eye shadows are created with the exact same elements, thus however the more expensive eye shadows might be well-known, additionally, there are great manufacturers which are present in pharmacies. If you’re not keen on the shades selected for the eye color, natural colors work effectively for just about any eye color and also complement almost any clothing.


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