Indian Beauty Tips

India is a country which is famous for its years old knowledge about the functioning of human body.

Herbal beauty remedies are the most natural way that does not even harm your skin and yet makes you look beautiful and presentable.

How to start your day.

* Try to wake up before Sunrise, as it is very healthy.

* Fill up your mouth with water, and then splash water on your face, keeping eyes closed.

* The First thing in the morning take a glass of warm water, add a little honey to it. Honey is said to have antiseptic properties. It is good and can be used in face masks as well, to balance your skin and give you a glowing soft skin.

(NOTE: If you have any health problems like Diabetes etc. , consult your doctor before consuming Honey.)

* Do regular exercises. Yoga is the best way to keep yourself healthy. But you have to learn yoga from a yoga trainer. Brisk walking and Running in the morning is the best way to keep your hormones in balance.

* Include herbs like turmeric and Ginger in your daily diet, as these have antiseptic properties. These helps in curing coughs and colds.

* Mix the following vegetables in a mixer and eat : Apple, Guava, Aloe Vera, Amla, Carrot, Tomato, Orange, Nimbu to have a strong immune system.

* Boil Leaves of Basil (Tulsi) in water and then make tea with this water. Tulsi has many antiseptic properties.

* Apply Aloe vera regularly on your face to protect it from pollution, normal aging, and have a clear spotless skin.

You can also consume aloe vera regularly as it helps in curing a lot of diseases and keeps you healthy and fit.


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