In Mexico: Aloe Vera Smooths Rashy Skin

Traditional healers in Mexico recommend aloe vera as a remedy for rashes and other skin problems. Researchers at Dallas’ University of Texas suggest that aloe can reduce redness, speed healing, increase your skin’s moisture level and strengthen its resistance to irritants like chemicals and soaps. Not only does this reduce itching and dryness, it prevents future rashy flare-ups.

In another study at Sweden’s Malmö University Hospital, aloe vera cream even helped heal psoriasis flares for 83 percent of its subjects. There’s no doubt that aloe is a powerful anti-inflammatory that heals damaged tissues and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, says Dr. Balch.

If you are having skin issues, look for aloe vera cream or gel in your health food store and apply three times daily to rash-prone areas.



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