The Miracle Product that Makes You Look Good, Even if You Feel Crappy 10 Color Camouflage and Concealer Palette from Royal Care Cosmetics

If you’re a walking zombie in the morning, this is definitely the product you need to turn to because it’s an all in one magic palette that will somehow make you look well-rested and alive again.  It’s not pricey at $10.95, but since you do get a lot of different things for your money, it’s well worth it.  I am really, really liking the concealer.  It has a thicker consistency, so it has really good coverage, but it doesn’t look heavy or like you’re wearing a mask like some of them can appear.  (I mean, you want to look naturally pretty, right?)  The formula is also oil-free and high-definition, so it doesn’t make your skin shiny and it looks good in photos (which I know because my guests took many, many pictures with me in them this weekend and even they noticed how good my skin looked!)

You can get your HERE

Genius!  I always forget to bring concealer with me during the day and I’m always searching for a mirror, so not only does this make your morning routine easier, it also helps for touch ups during the day.  It’s a pretty great concealer too – very creamy and blendable and it covers up the dark circles I got from not sleeping amazingly well.


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