Lush Lashes

Faux lashes are notorious for two things: Adding a bombshell-esque touch to any makeup look, and being tricky to apply. Although full strips like Nicole Scherzinger’s can intimidate false lash novices, wearing them becomes surprisingly foolproof if you create your own custom fit. Before applying glue to the lashes, place the strip on your natural lash line to measure them. If the strip is too long, use a small pair of scissors to taper the ends. We find placing the lashes easier when working in sections, so after you’ve adjusted the length accordingly, cut the strip down the middle and apply the fuller portion to the outer area of your eye first. Use a pair of tweezers to place the smaller, second section. A more precise fit means the falsies will blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, and the strip placed closest to the inner corner of your eye is less-likely to have that dreaded unglued effect.

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