How to Use an Angled Eye Shadow Brush from Royal Care Cosmetics

Your eyeshadow application can make or break your makeup look. Poorly applied eyeshadow can make you look tired and washed out. To get the best makeup look possible, invest in your makeup kit by purchasing some well-made makeup brushes. An important tool to purchase is an angled brush that can make your eyeshadow look smoky or blended. Learn how to use an angled eyeshadow brush to maximize your makeup look.

Get the Best Results

An angled brush works well with either eyeshadow or eyeliner. For the best results, apply foundation first to your eyelid. When applying the highlighter eyeshadow, use a brush with a round or full tip. Apply the accent color with the angled brush. Hold the brush by the handle as you would a writing instrument. Lay the pointed brush at an angle against your skin. The angled brush is suitable to use in one long pull or short brush strokes.

Smudging Eyeliner

Smudged eyeliner, when artfully applied, gives your eyes a smoky look. To smudge your eyeliner into this diva look, start by applying your eyeshadow first. Then line your eyes with pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is easier to smudge than liquid eyeliner. Draw the eyeliner across the top of your eyelashes in short dashes. Drag the tip of the angled brush across the eyeliner to smooth and smudge it. Dab your angled eyeshadow brush in the darkest shadow of your current eyeshadow combination. Apply the shadow across the eyeliner smudging the two together. Apply the eyeshadow to the under eye in the outer corner to make your eyes look wider.

Crease Application

To get a deeper dimensional eye makeup look, fill in the crease of your eye with a dark eye color. Dampen the tip of the angled eyeshadow brush with a drop of water. Then dab the tip on your shadow. Wetting the shadow first will give you a darker color. Hold your eye closed gently with one hand, while brushing in the crease with the other. Use a gentle touch so you do not hurt your eye. Lay the brush tip flat against your skin, dragging the brush against your skin. Alternatively, you can create depth by applying eyeshadow to your inner eye. Dab the shadow on the angled tip, then drag the color from the inner eye crease all the way to the end. Give your eyes a cat like look by lifting the shadow slightly at the end. Go over the entire eyeshadow application with a soft, round eyeshadow brush.

Wash your brush occasionally with a warm washcloth. Let it dry standing tip up in a cup.


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