Chanel Reveals Couture Nail Art

Chanel’s nail colors always cause a frenzy. The beauty world waits with bated breath every time there’s a show to see what kind of nail color magic the house’s makeup guru, Peter Philips, will conjure up. He threw us for a bit of a loop this past week after the Chanel couture show; rather than unveiling a new color, he showed nail art. Yep, even Chanel is cuckoo for crazy nails now.

It’s the first time the house has done nail art, is reporting. But this being Chanel, it was obviously not a Katy Perry-esque 3-D sushi manicure, but something much more elegant.

Philips used one of Chanel’s spring 2012 colors, May, on the nail beds, then did a sort of upside-down French, tracing a line around the nail edges–but avoiding the tips–with a discontinued chrome color from 2007. (In case you want to try this look at home, Sally Hansen’s silver nail polish pen should do the trick.) The clothes were heavy on pink and shiny accents, including silvery hairnets, so these nails coordinated perfectly.

We want this look on our digits immediately. What do you think of Chanel’s first try at nail art?


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